Bobby Jenks Is Changing His Sox

Bobby throwing some heat earlier this season at the Cell

The news today is that Bobby Jenks has signed a deal with the Boston Red Sox. The former White Sox pitcher was not picked up this season by Kenny Williams leaving him free to shop his services around.

For parts of six seasons when the game was close late at the Cell you could be sure to hear P.O.D.’s “Boom” coming over the PA system. That meant that Bobby was coming into the game. Most of those times he got the job done. He got that job done with a great fastball that set up his awesome curveball.

The year 2005 was a great one for White Sox fans. They had a great season on their way to their first World Series Championship since 1917. What most people forget though is how fluid the closer role seemed to be. After the failed Billy Koch experiment the season before the Sox started out with Shingo Takatsu closing their games. He was replaced by Dustin Hermanson who had a good run before injuries shortened his season. That opened the door for a young portly flamethrower who had just been called up from Double A ball. Who knew then how good Jenks would be in the clutch? He showed no signs of fear as he closed out games the rest of the season. He even got the save in game four of the World Series to give the Sox the title. Ozzie calling him out of the bullpen in the Series with his ‘big guy’ arm gestures is a great moment that will not soon be forgotten.

Bobby has been hampered by injury the last couple of years which has led to his performance coming in lower than the expectations were for him. Matt Thornton and the young Chris Sale look like the leads right now to take over the closer role. Bobby will be missed on the South Side. I loved hearing ‘Boom’ coming over the loudspeakers at the Cell. All good things must come to an end though, and one more member of the championship team from 2005 is now gone.


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