College Football Bowl Season Game Notes

During the football season I had a post called game notes every week for whatever game I was attending. Since Purdue is not in a bowl this year I will put out the game notes for games that I won’t be attending. I wanted to post this to finalize my picks for the regular season. I have a sheet of paper with my picks that has just been sitting around for almost a month. It is time to get rid of that paper. I won’t dwell too much on the season in this post. I plan to look back on the Purdue season when the sting from the loss to Indiana wears off. For now let’s just see how I did with my picks this season.

Predictions – I went 7-3 during the last week of the season to bring my record for the season to 103-27. I never saw the Iowa loss to Minnesota coming. The other games that I missed were heart picks. I thought Grand Valley might lose, but not by the score that they did. They ended coach Matt Mitchell’s first season early in the playoffs. Purdue lost a tough game in overtime to the Indiana Hoosiers for my other loss. My two free picks were almost dead on as Auburn and Arkansas won their games. Compared to how I picked in the past I think that I did a good job this season. For someone who really does not spend hours researching each game. The picks are mostly gut feelings on games. This year my gut was right more than it was wrong. Maybe that is because of the fact that it is a little bigger than it was the last couple of years. My picks are shown below, and as usual the actual scores of the games are in parenthesis.

  • #8 Ohio State 42 (37) – Michigan 17 (7)
  • #10 Michigan State 27 (28) – Penn State 24 (22)
  • #24 Iowa 41 (20) – Minnesota 10 (27)
  • #7 Wisconsin 45 (70) – Northwestern 23 (23)
  • #15 Nebraska 38 (45) – Colorado 10 (17)
  • #12 Arkansas 28 (31) – #5 LSU 27 (23)
  • #2 Auburn 21 (28) – #11 Alabama 20 (27)
  • Notre Dame 27 (20) – USC 23 (16)
  • GVSU 31 (6) – Augustana 30 (38)
  • Purdue 25 (31) – Indiana 18 (34)

With the regular season over we now come to the bowl season. Without Purdue in a bowl I will not do a huge writeup this year. I will however pick the games. I don’t know whether or not they will end up in the total for the season or not. That of course will depend on how well I do picking the games. I have picked every bowl game this season on The have a game called College Bowl Mania. If you want somebody that is easy to beat you can join my group in the game. The group is called “Sports Junkie” and the password is junkie. Below is a screen shot of my picks. I would pick differently though if I were you. This is just included so that you can see what not to do.

As you can see this should be an interesting bowl season. Of course where I live the Notre Dame game against Miami is of interest. When I was growing up the Catholics vs. Convicts games were the games to watch. They played some great games, and this one should not be any different. Of course everyone will be watching Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton and his Auburn Tigers when they play for the National Championship against the Oregon Ducks. Cam Newton has had a great season for Auburn, and appears to have been worth every penny that they paid for him.

The Possum Award – Now it comes time to give away the first Pinola Possum Award. Earlier this season I tried my hand at picking the Heisman front runners each week. I quickly realized that to do a good job of that I would have to watch way too many games. I decided to pick the best player that I had seen in person during the year. I thought that for the most part the players I see are the ones that I watch from week to week anyway. During the season I saw many great players. In week one I saw Mantei Te’O the linebacker for Notre Dame. Week three allowed me to see Toledo quarterback Austin Dantin who led his team to the win over Purdue. I was able to see two of Wisconsin’s three very good running backs. During that game I was also able to watch J.J. Watt who is a great defensive back. I was at Wrigley to watch Michael Leshoure run wild against the Wildcats. Denard Robinson was fun to watch play for Michigan. The final week of the season I was able to see IU players Tandon Doss and Ben Chappell. Even though I did not see him play in person this season I enjoy watching Terrelle Pryor at quarterback. The point of all this rambling is that I have seen many good players this season. The best of those that I have seen is by far Ryan Kerrigan. Ryan had a great season that Purdue fans will remember for a long time. He was overlooked by many for some major awards this season. That is not the case here. Ryan Kerrigan is the winner of the first annual Pinola Possum award. This award is named for the fierce creature that inhabits the small township that I live near. I saw Ryan play many games, and he really was the real deal. He will be taking his talents to the next level very shortly when a team calls his name early in the 2011 NFL Draft. Hopefully my Packers pick him up so that he can dominate alongside Mike Neal once again. All season long I have been seeing Ryan compared to a super hero. I agree that he was super during his time at Purdue. He leaves with many records in his pocket. Here is how Ryan might look as a super hero.


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