Purdue vs. Murray State Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the game Sunday. I didn’t take as many as normal again, but I found a few that I liked.

Courtney playing right out of her headband early in the game

Chantel Poston knocking down a pass to start a break

Alex Guyton watching a pass go by

Brittany going after a loose ball. They called no foul on the play here, but out of bounds on Rayburn

Chelsea Jones with a layup

Brittany getting hammered as she tries a layup

It looks as if Alex and her defender both know the answer

Alex battling for the ball

Antoinette Howard showing how to keep your eye on the ball

Dee Dee Williams running on the break

Dee Dee finishing that break

I missed the shot a little, but Sam had such great hustle that I included it anyway

Five ready to come in

Guyton with another great face during a layup

Courtney Moses all alone ready to lay the ball in

Brittany from downtown

Brittany driving to the hoop


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