Purdue vs. North Florida Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the game Saturday. I had a couple good ones from the game. I think the lack of an opponent slowed me down as I did not take nearly as many pictures as usual. Here are a few of the better ones:

JJ looking mean finishing a dunk, but the cheerleaders laughing

Ryne Smith trying to turn the double play

Smooge really made some of the Osprey defenders look silly as they tried to defend him

E'Twaun getting fouled going to the hole

Smooge finishing that play

Painter giving it to Ed Hightower as it should be. From the anthem Painter was giving it to Ed.

E'Twaun mid dribble

Moore doing his best jump man impression. Air Jordan took the ball with him though

Moore throwing down a dunk that did not count. LewJack had already been fouled so the play was dead. The dunk was awesome though from a guy who rarely dunks

I love the reaction of the North Florida player when he realizes that he now has to guard Bubba Day

Sandi Marcius and Travis Carroll going after the ball


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