Brett’s Streak Is Finally Over


Brett last season in Green Bay

After playing in 299 straight games and starting 297 straight Brett Favre will sit this one out. The last time that Brett did not start a game for his team George Bush was President. George H.W. Bush that is. Since then Bill Clinton has served eight years, and George’s oldest boy George W. Bush served eight years. The world has changed since that day in 1992 when the Majik Man went down for the Packers to give Favre his chance. Every streak needs a Wally Pipp, and Don Majkowski was the man who gave way to Favre. Since that day in 1992 237 quarterbacks have started games for other teams, and 117 head coaches have come and gone in the NFL. The streak is a terrific accomplishment, and should be applauded. Hell it should be celebrated. To play through some of the injuries he has played through is amazing. To do it at a high level is even more amazing. Earlier this season I wrote a letter to Favre on my site asking him to retire. With everything that he had going on this season I thought that it was just time for Favre to go. I took some heat from a couple people writing me telling me that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I still don’t know who was right, but as time went on my respect for the man has gone downhill. As a Packer fan I used to love to watch him play. I even felt that way when he was a Jet, and even a little last year as a Viking. All the retirements and the other off field controversy has really soured me on him. In ten years I will have forgotten all about the current reasons I am tired of him, but for now I hope that he can just walk away.

The Favre decision (I wonder why ESPN didn’t have an hour long program for this) comes during a weird week for the Vikings. Their roof collapses because of snow. Now they must play a home game in Detroit in front of a bunch of fans who got into the game for free. Had I been thinking yesterday I could have gone up to see the Packer game, and just stayed near (not in) Detroit overnight. Two NFL games in back to back days would be pretty cool. It would have to beat sitting here in a state of emergency. Although that being said everyday might be a state of emergency in Detroit.

In other NFL news can you really blame Jets strength coach Sal Alosi for tripping Dolphins defensive back Nolan Carroll? As a former football player (I think it was called football back then) I know that the temptation is high when an opposing player is on your sidelines. For some reason I think that the incident is funny. The real person to blame is the ‘get back’ coach for the Jets. Every team has a get back coach. This is the guy who spends three hours on gameday screaming at players to “get back!” If he had been doing his job then Sal would not have been in position to put his knee out. Some call it dirty, I call is gamesmanship.


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