Ospreys Are Easy Prey For the Boilers


Even Patrick Bade had some highlights last night

Last night Purdue did pretty much what we expected them to do and easily took care of the North Florida Ospreys 77-57. I am sure that the Boilers will drop in the polls because it only won by twenty. Purdue had the game in hand from square one though. Kelsey Barlow took the ball right to the basket to start the game and put the Boilers up 2-0. He missed the free throw that could have put the Boilers up 3-0, but that was something we would see the rest of the night. After Barlow opened the scoring JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore took over. They scored the next twenty points for the Boilers. For some reason North Florida seemed hesitant to guard Moore and Johnson. JJ was open just a few feet from the basket, and made the most of his opportunities. Nine minutes into the game JJ had twelve, and Smooge had 8. Not a bad start for the Boilers.

With seven minutes left in the first half the Boilers had a twenty point lead. They stretched it out even more during the game, but Matt Painter put some guys in the game together that normally would not be in, and the results sometimes were not good. With a big lead though you can afford to play some guys to get them some experience. The big lead allowed most of the people in Mackey to enjoy the game. One of them was Kelsey Barlow. At one point he let loose a long three pointer early in the possession. I don’t think that the ball was out of his hands before Painter had a sub in for Barlow. With no reason to stop the clock the officials did to allow Barlow to exit the game after the shot.

With the game in hand the Boilers got a little sloppy. For the game they committed 19 turnovers which will give Matt Painter something to harp on in practice this week. Some of that was the different lineups on the floor. The Boilers kept the game around twenty near the end to allow Dru Antrop and Bubba Day to get some playing time. With the shot clock winding down we even got to see Bubba take a fade away three pointer. It didn’t go in, but the crowd got the shot they were chanting for.

For the second straight game Lewis Jackson pulled down a career high six rebounds. He had a nice game at the point yet again. A couple of times he saw an open lane and hit it at high speed. He really is fun to watch play when he is looking to score as well as pass.

Kelsey Barlow is fun to watch. Even if it is before the game when instead of stretching or shooting around he is sitting back having a few laughs with the managers and signing autographs. Maybe it is the new haircut that the team rubs in the huddles. Maybe it is the fact that you can see how good he can be, and you hope someone gets him upset enough to see him play 100%. I bet that Matt Painter has Barlow nightmares. Even in the stands we laugh after he makes a turnover. We all know that a stupid foul is coming. He really does try hard most of the time. For some reason like LewJack he gets some dumb fouls called on him. He can barely touch someone and get a foul called. He is only a sophomore so the sky is still the limit for Barlow.

Travis Carroll played very well last night as well. I kept wanting to see more of the freshman in the game. He seems as if the game is starting to slow down for him, and he is starting to pull away from the other big men. He was left open for some mid range shots, and nailed them. I think that the best part about it is how nice his shot looked. Travis is really starting to come around. When he made the first shot I started thinking “great another big man who thinks he can shoot.” After the third shot though I wanted to see more. Patrick Bade and Sandi Marcius might lose a little playing time if Carroll can keep up that pace.

Play of the Game – In a blowout one play didn’t decide this game. The play of the game might have been one that didn’t even count. On a break LewJack (all one word) was fouled as he dished the ball to E’Twaun. Smooge took the pass and threw down a monster dunk. That was an awesome play for sure. Some honorable mentions have to be the two dunks by JJ, the three jumpers by Travis Carroll, or one of LewJacks rebounds in among the trees.

Gameball – This actually is hard for me to pick. It should easily be JJ who had 25 points, 5 rebounds, and only two turnovers last night. He scored half of his points in the first seven minutes when the game was fairly close. E’Twuan had a great game as well. He really didn’t force anything, and seemed to make almost everything that he took. Can I say one more time how smooth Smooge is? Boiler fans you are seeing something special on the court. Once the Boilers were up both JJ and Smooge seemed to let the others have a chance. LewJack may not score the points, but he does a lot to help this team win. He will get one of these one of these days.

It will be a week and a half until I see the Boilers play again. With a good performance by so many of the players it can’t come soon enough. I will have a photo gallery tomorrow. For some reason I did not take too many pictures during the game so we will see what I have for tomorrow. I think I took so many Tuesday that I had my limit for the week.


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