Week Five Game of the Week: Purdue vs. North Florida

JaJuan Johnson looks his opponent over before the tip Tuesday night

After a very cool week of basketball we must move on. A good game against Alabama last Saturday followed by both the men’s and women’s teams at Purdue coming up north near me. This week I only have two games that I am attending, and neither of them should be much of a game. The Purdue men play North Florida on Saturday. After three straight good preseason tests this one should be easy. I picked it as the game of the week this week due to the fact that the men are ranked. This should not really be a game at all. Purdue is much more talented than the Ospreys are. North Florida also does not have a real scoring threat. If Bubba Day is going to see any more sizable minutes this year this is the game. I would guess that I may have trouble coming up with the play of the game this week. If the Boilers can’t come up with a couple of highlights against a team like this it is going to be a long year.

My main focus during the game will be on the guys not named JJ and Smooge. Lewis Jackson and Kelsey Barlow had good games against Valpo. This will be a good game to see if they can keep up that momentum. I would love to see Barlow take control of the game. He looks like he has the tools to do it. Another player to watch is DJ Byrd. He had seven points at Valpo, but it looked as if every one of those hurt. After he made a three pointer he went down the court holding his shoulder. He also looked as if he really tweaked the already hurt shoulder fighting for a ball late in the game. If they can limit his minutes to help him get healthy this is the time to do it The Boilers don’t play again until the 18th so he would have over a week to get healthy. Terone Johnson has had a couple of slow games as well. As a freshman he could use a good game to get his confidence up. There is no time like the present to make a statement. While the game won’t have the buzz that some will this season it will be nice to see the guys play again. It seems weird to say, but we don’t have too many more chances to see JJ and Smooge play in person.

Men’s Picks of the Week – Last week I went 9-1 to bring my overall record to 44-5. The one game that I missed was the Michigan State game against Syracuse. I really thought a little more of Michigan State. I never expected the game that I saw. This week I have selected twelve games to pick. Here are the games that I have selected:

  • Michigan over Utah
  • Iowa over Iowa State
  • #23 Notre Dame over Gonzaga
  • #16 Kentucky over Indiana
  • Wisconsin over Marquette
  • #8 Michigan State over Oakland
  • #2 Ohio State over Western Carolina
  • #17 Illinois over Northern Colorado
  • Virginia Tech over Penn State
  • Northwestern over Long Island
  • #20 Minnesota over Akron
  • #18 Purdue over North Florida

Women’s Picks of the Week – This section is rapidly falling apart. I went 10-2 last week to bring the record to 31-13 on the season. When looking up my picks this week I started to get a little worried. I missed the first two on the sheet, but then went 10-0 after that. For some reason I really am not too in tune with the women’s basketball scene I guess. This used to be the side that was the easiest to pick, but for some reason it seems as if the teams are a little more even this year. I hope that I get one game wrong on the list this week. I think that the Purdue women will have their hands full though with #8 Texas A&M tonight. Here are the twelve games that I picked this week:

  • Indiana over Miami (OH)
  • Kansas over Michigan
  • #19 Iowa over #15 Iowa State
  • Drake over Wisconsin
  • #20 Michigan State over Western Michigan
  • #6 Ohio State over Syracuse
  • Indiana over Toledo
  • Wisconsin over UW-Milwaukee
  • Depaul over Northwestern
  • Michigan over New Mexico State
  • #8 Texas A&M over Purdue
  • Purdue over Murray State

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