Purdue @ Valpo Photo Gallery

This is a little bigger than most of the galleries. I had a few pictures that I liked and decided to share most of them. At some point I may post a few more that didn’t make it in here.

Bubba Day wondering if he would start if his name was Johnson

Robbie Hummel posing with a fan before the game

Smooge with a layup during pregame warmups

Some of the students showing their spirit

Homer Drew greeting Homer Simpson before the game

Terone Johnson getting his pregame pat down from John Hart

Another group of students showing their pride

JJ and Ryan Broekoff watch the tip go up

Moore shooting a free throw

E'Twaun getting ready for the slam

Master teaching apprentice

Matt Kenney with the lay in. Kenney was a huge part of the Valpo run that tied the game up early

Howard Little with a break away

A scary moment as JJ lays on the floor

I only included this shot of E'Twaun at the start of the second half because one of my readers is in the background. Hi Tires!

Broekoff with an easy basket

Barlow making a tough basket with Cory Johnson playing tough D

Bade, Hart, Hummel, and Anthony Johnson watch the action from the bench

For some reason I like this picture of E'Twaun looking his defender over

LewJack starting his climb up

Ryan Broekoff with a big block on E'Twaun

Barlow with a late basket

This is a blurry shot of the Barlow dunk, but I kept it in because of the look on Travis Carroll's face in the background


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