Oh Captain! My Captain!


Paulie hits a double against the Royals earlier this season while fellow signee A.J. Pierzynski watches

Today the news came that most White Sox fans were waiting for. Paul Konerko signed a 3 year deal worth $37.5 million dollars today to stay on the South Side. Early in October I thought that I was witnessing the end of the White Sox careers of either Paulie or AJ. Thankfully both will be coming back. With the temperatures under twenty degrees today it is hard to think of baseball, but this news brings hope come spring. Welcome back Paulie!

The move by the Sox along with the signings of Adam Dunn and A.J. Pierzynski supposedly taps out the club. With the departures of Bobby Jenks and J.J. Putz a hole has been left in the bullpen. Matt Thornton should fill the closer role with Chris Sale also factoring in the bullpen. I have learned over the years that Kenny Williams knows what he is doing. Sometimes the plan backfires, but his plans usually are well intended. The 2011 White Sox should be an exciting team to watch. Who will bat where? So many guys on the roster who can hit, and only nine slots to bat them in. Ozzie will earn his money this season.

In other news around sports today the Cubs signed first baseman Carlos Pena to a one year deal. In yet another shocking move Florida Gator head coach Urban Meyer has called it quits again. He will coach against Penn State, but after that he is done. I thought it was funny that the 46 year old coach is calling it quits after the game while the 84 year old Joe Paterno is still going strong. That is the strange nature of sports I guess.


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