Purdue @ Notre Dame Photo Gallery

Here is the photo gallery from the game on Sunday. Now as many of you know when you are at Notre Dame and the game is televised you cannot take pictures when the game is going on. You can take pictures before the game, during timeouts, and after the game. Taking them during the action is prohibited. I honored their wishes and did not take pictures during the game. Any pictures that appear to be during the game have actually been re-enacted for effect. To honor their wishes I have not posted any pictures of their basketball players unless they are part of a picture. I understand that they don’t want any publicity for their team, and I have tried to crop their players out when possible. I use to go to a lot more games at Notre Dame, but since my hobby is taking pictures I will usually only go to games that are not on TV. So here are the pictures taken Sunday.

Strength and conditioning coach Ron Thomson seems to be telling Chantel Poston and Chelsea Jones to get back down here

Alex Guyton and Courtney Moses going through the same drill with different results

Alex Guyton working on her low post skills during warm ups

Brittany Rayburn before the game

Courtney Moses pregame

Chelsea Jones pregame

The new scoreboard at the Joyce Center

Ashley Wilson pregame

Ashley Wilson and Chantel Poston during introductions

Moses, Sam O, and Chelsea Jones all line up the first time for the tip

This is the first of the re-enacted photos. I really wanted a picture of the tip off

Brittany shooting a free throw. These were the only two points in a six minute stretch for the Boilers

Rayburn leaning in for a shot

Brittany goes behind the back to get around another Brittany

After the move behind the back Brittany splits the defense

The point guard Antoinette Howard making a move to the basket

Howard at the point looking for a weakness to exploit

It is hard to see, but Rayburn is shown here taking a charge from Natalie Novosel

Courtney Moses with a hard basket over Skylar Diggins in the final seconds of the first half to pull Purdue to within ten



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