Purdue vs. Maryland Photo Gallery

Here are some pictures from the game Thursday night. I might have included too many of Drey Mingo, but it was great to see her on the court and doing well.

Brittany Rayburn working on her shot prior to the game

Members of the Gold Mine put up a sign for Drey. Normally that rail is covered in signs, but only Drey's sign was displayed last night

Drey talks with her former coach Brenda Freese prior to the game

Drey on the bench prior to the game

Drey with her teammates during the anthem

Diandra Tchatchouang gets a shot up over Sam Woods

Brittany Rayburn tries to get a shot off early

Lynetta Kizer gets a shot off over Alex Guyton

Courtney Moses passing the ball to Alex Guyton late in the first half

Alex Guyton with a layup as times expires in the first half

Sam O with a shot early in the second half

Drey Mingo in the team huddle during a timeout

GABS shows their support of Drey Mingo

Antoinette Howard trying to find an outlet under the basket

Brittany Rayburn looking for someone to pass to

Drey with teammates Alex Guyton and Chantel Poston on the bench

The Boiler defense collapses on Dara Taylor

Courtney Moses with her ball handling skills on display

Rayburn trying to make a basket after getting fouled on the break

Moses getting mugged on the last play of the game


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