Purdue All American Marching Band Bucket Game Photo Gallery

Part of what makes college football so much fun is the fact that the band has such a good time. I have never been able to play any kind of instrument so it amazes me how they can prepare shows so fast. How cool was it Thursday to see the band start off the Macy’s parade? The band represents the school very well at the Indy 500, and did a great job at the parade. Part of the gameday experience is following the band back to the fountain for the post game concert. Here are a few images from the day of the band in action:

The drum on the field with the Macy's logo before the game

The drum coming to a stop at the goal line during the halftime show

The Silver Twins Sara and Chellie Zou during halftime

The Silver Twins again during halftime

One of the Goldusters during the game

A Purdue band member is down on the way to the fountain. If you are a Purdue fan this is a must

As you can tell I really like seeing the Macy's logo on the drums

The drumline up close

You can always have one more shot with Macy's in it

The march is back on to the fountain

The big bass drum at the fountain

The Silver Twins perform during the fountain concert

Miss Boilerette Rachael Bazzell with a complicated routine at the fountain


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