College Basketball Game of the Week: Purdue vs. Maryland

As I said before this is a platform for the game of the week that I am attending. By far I think that the game of the week is the Big Ten/ACC Challenge game between the Purdue Boilermakers and the Maryland Terrapins. What makes this game big to me is the fact that these are the two college teams that Drey Mingo has played for. In light of what has transpired this week I think that it is the game of the week. Both teams are at the top of the also receiving votes category of the poll. If you extend it out Maryland would be ranked 27th and Purdue 28th. I don’t know how Purdue will respond after losing on of their stars, but I would guess that they will come out firing for her. It should be a great game. 

Men’s Picks of the Week – Last week I went 10-0 on my picks bringing my season record to 19-1. This week I saw some games that I wanted to pick along with the fact that the Big Ten/ACC Challenge is played means that this is an extended week for picks. In all I have picked 19 games. This could make or break me early in the season. Here are the week 3 picks:

  • Wisconsin over Boston College
  • #10 Syracuse over Michigan
  • #3 Ohio State over Miami
  • Penn State over Ole Miss
  • #19 Illinois over Western Michigan
  • #2 Michigan State over Tennessee Tech
  • Notre Dame over Indiana State
  • #8 Purdue over Southern Illinois

Big Ten/ACC Challenge Picks

  • #17 Minnesota over Virginia
  • #3 Ohio State over Florida State
  • #19 Illinois over #25 North Carolina
  • Michigan over Clemson
  • Northwestern over Georgia Tech
  • Wake Forest over Iowa
  • #1 Duke over #2 Michigan State
  • Boston College over Indiana
  • Wisconsin over NC State
  • Penn State over Maryland
  • #8 Purdue over Virginia Tech

By my calculations that means the Big Ten will dominate this challenge by winning eight of the eleven games. Somehow that doesn’t seem right, but I guess we will see. I hope that we do dominate. Something tells me that the Big Ten homer in me sees things a little rosy for the conference.

Women’s Picks of the Week – Last week I went 8-4 to bring my record to 12-4 on the season. I obviously was a bit off on the week. As with the men I will pick some games early on, and then pick the challenge games later in the week. Here are the week 3 women’s picks:

  • #21 Iowa over Virginia Tech
  • Penn State over Hartford
  • #8 Texas A&M over Michigan
  • #7 Ohio State over UNC-Wilmington
  • Cleveland State over Indiana

Big Ten/ACC Challenge

  • Wake Forest over Michigan
  • Georgia Tech over Northwestern
  • #14 Florida State over Michigan State
  • Illinois over North Carolina State
  • Boston College over Penn State
  • #21 Iowa over #15 North Carolina
  • #7 Ohio State over Virginia
  • Clemson over Indiana
  • Minnesota over Virginia Tech
  • #6 Duke over Wisconsin
  • #28 Purdue over #27 Maryland

As you can see I think that the ACC women will do better than the men. They will squeak out a 6-5 win in the challenge. I flip flopped late on the Northwestern game changing my pick to Georgia Tech as I was writing this. That game would be the deciding factor. Sometimes though I think that home court advantage means to much. We will see next week how far off I was.



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