Professional Pictures of Grant and Kramer

The following pictures are of Keaton Grant and Chris Kramer as they start their professional career. I thought I would word the title the way that I did because it is the only time the words professional and my pictures will ever be in the same sentence. I am a hack that gets lucky every now and then. Below are a few of the pictures that I got lucky on. I enjoyed watching these two play for Purdue. They were there at the beginning of the upswing for the school. That is why it was very cool to look around the arena Tuesday night and just about as much Black and Gold on the fans as there was Mad Ants gear. A lot of Purdue fans took the opportunity to see these guys play again. Here are a few pictures of both of them from Tuesday night:

Keaton Grant laying one in during warm ups

Keaton during a drill before the game

Chris Kramer during warm ups

Kramer throwing down a dunk

Kramer sitting out the delay before the game

Kramer looks to inbound the ball

The defense we all rememberChris fighting through a screen

Grant enters the game

Grant finishing off an alley oop

Coach Joey Meyer with Kramer in the background

Kramer making a move

Kramer putting up a shot down low

More defense from Kramer

Keaton gets some advice during a free throw

Grant shooting a free throw of his own

Kramer taking his second charge of the game

Chris flying through the air in an attempt to get the ball


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