Game Notes: Purdue vs. Indiana

Ryan Kerrigan closing in on the quarterback two years ago

This will likely be my final football game of the year. With Purdue not going to a bowl (unless they allow a 5-7 team into the Little Caesar’s Bowl) I do not have a football game on the schedule in the near future. That seems kind of weird. i love football, and the season is just about over. It seems like it was just September and I had a lot of optimism heading into the Notre Dame game. I even picked the Boilers to win that one. I have made that mistake multiple times since. Early in the season the Boilers were 4-2, and needing just two wins to make a bowl. Well they have not won a game since then, and the bowl hope is now gone. Indiana started the season 3-0,  and have only managed one win since. This game could have been a bowl showdown, but it is not. Who knows how many people will even show up to it? The students will be on Thanksgiving break, and many people are traveling for the holidays. To make matters worse the basketball team who is ranked in the top ten in the country has a game at night in Chicago. 

Now we have come to the final game of the season. This year has not gone according to plan for the Boilers. Instead of beating a rival for bow positioning we are simply playing for pride and the Bucket. This game is important because it is the last one that several Boilers will be playing in their college careers. I really have gotten to like these guys, and I will have a senior day post coming out tomorrow. I started to incorporate it into this one, but it was getting way too long. Hopefully the Boilers can get way up on the Hoosiers so that all the seniors can get in the game.

As far as analysis of the game goes. Who knows anymore? What team will show up on either side is up in the air. The Boilers have played well two of the last three weeks. Both of those opponents were top ten teams. The team in the middle was a horrible Michigan team, and the Boilers just did not seem up for the game. I hope that they can get up for this one, and end the season on a positive note. This will be the ninth game that I have attended this season. So far I have seen the team go 3-5 on the season. A couple of those games really felt like the team could have won. Going into the game I think that they can win this one, but now they just have to go out and do it. The Boiler passing offense is ranked 115th out of 120 teams going into the final game of the season. They also sit 109th in total scoring averaging only 18.6 points a game on offense. They go up against an Indiana defense that is ranked 94th in total defense. They are 93rd against the run and 92nd against the pass. They are 102nd in the country in scoring defense. I thought that Purdue would be able to get it going against Michigan’s poor defense, but of course they did not. Maybe they can find something this week to get things moving. In the last six bucket games Purdue has scored an average of 46.5 points so something has to give. Last week on College Gameday Lee Corso said that he would not pick Purdue “if they were playing a rock.” They almost proved him wrong last week, but this week they are playing a team with a rock. Who would he pick now?

History – I have seen several bucket games over the years. Like I said my first was in 1996 when I bought a student ticket from the satellite campus up north. The game in 1998 was memorable to most, but I had the bottle flu, and really do not remember much of it. We all remember how great the game was in 2000 when Drew led his team to the Rose Bowl. I have only missed one home game since ’96, and that was 2004. I was stuck in Iowa and had to work that day. I made up for it the next year though when I travelled to Bloomington to see the two teams play. I have enjoyed this rivalry immensely, and have only seen the Boilers lose once in person. Of course that was the first time that I saw the two teams play. Who can forget the first time that Jake Standeford really took center stage. Before the huge block came ‘the strip’ against Indiana. The last time I saw the two teams play was Joe Tiller’s final game in 2008. What a great way to send off the coach. For some reason the post of that game is no longer on the site. That must have been a casualty of the move to WordPress. Here are the games that I have seen:

  • 11/23/1996 Indiana 33 @ Purdue 16
  • 11/21/1998 Purdue 52 – Indiana 7
  • 11/18/2000 #17 Purdue 41 – Indiana 13
  • 11/23/2002 Purdue 34 – Indiana 10
  • 11/19/2005 Purdue 41 @ Indiana 14
  • 11/18/2006 Purdue 28 – Indiana 19
  • 11/22/2008 Purdue 62 – Indiana 10

Predictions – The season is almost over so the prediction section is nearing its end. I might bring it back for the bowl season, but I am not sure. I went 8-2 last week to bring the season record to 96-24. I think I would have been happy with that at the beginning of the season, but I had so many good weeks that I set the bar a little higher. Here is how I did last week:

  • #12 Michigan State 45 (35) – Purdue 15 (31)
  • Penn State 38 (41) – Indiana 17 (24)
  • #7 Wisconsin 44 (48) – Michigan 27 (28)
  • #9 Ohio State 27 (20) – #20 Iowa 20 (17)
  • #8 Nebraska 31 (6) – #19 Texas A&M 20 (9)
  • #16 Virginia Tech 28 (31) – #24 Miami (FL) 27 (17)
  • #13 Arkansas 31 (38) – #21 Mississippi State 17 (17)
  • Grand Valley State 42 (35) – Colorado Mines 13 (13)
  • Notre Dame 27 (27) – Army 18 (3)
  • Northwestern 28 (27) – Illinois 24 (48)

So now we have one this last week of the regular season to make picks. I picked the usual Big Ten games along with Nebraska who will be in the Big Ten next season. I also picked the Irish game along with the second round Division 2 playoff game that Grand Valley is playing Saturday. Also I picked what I thought were the tougher picks this week as well. Here are this weeks picks:

  • #8 Ohio State 42 – Michigan 17
  • #10 Michigan State 27 – Penn State 24
  • #24 Iowa 41 – Minnesota 10
  • #7 Wisconsin 45 – Northwestern 23
  • #15 Nebraska 38 – Colorado 10
  • #12 Arkansas 28 – #5 LSU 27
  • #2 Auburn 21 – #11 Alabama 20
  • Notre Dame 27 – USC 23
  • GVSU 31 – Augustana 30
  • Purdue 25 – Indiana 18

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