WNIT Celebration Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the post game celebration after the Purdue women won the preseason WNIT. I tried to get everyone who climbed the ladder to cut down the net, but for some reason I was distracted when Brittany climbed the ladder. Here are the pictures.

Drey Mingo and Alex Guyton celebrate the win

The team celebrates with the band

Drey getting her award for being named to the all tournament team

Brittany gets her award for the tournament MVP

DePaul with their trophy

Chelsea Jones at the net

Drey Mingo gets a piece of the net

Chantel Poston at the net

Alex Guyton cuts down the net

Antoinette Howard cuts down the net

Sam Ostarello cuts down multiple portions of the net. She was getting pieces for everyone

Courtney Moses gets her piece of the net

KK Houser cuts down the net

Ashley Wilson at the net

Coach Versyp and KK walk the floor after giving some of the net to the band

Coach V at the net

Drey guarding the trophy

Alex Guyton fits the net over the trophy

Drey Mingo leaves the court with the WNIT trophy

Brittany greets some fans as she leaves the floor


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