Purdue vs. DePaul WNIT Final Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from yesterdays game. I took way too many, and will have another post with the post game pictures tomorrow. I had a great seat for pictures, and a couple turned out decent.

A tube player gets low before the game at center court

Dee Dee Williams is fouled while attempting to grab a rebound as Chelsea Jones looks on

Gumby even made an appearance at the game

Drey Mingo and Sam Woods deter DePaul guard Sam Quigley from taking a shot in the lane

Drey Mingo alters the shot of Felicia Chester as Courtney Moses looks on

Brittany Rayburn leads the team out of the tunnel to start the second half

Purdue President France Cordova welcomes back the Boilers

Brittany gets off a contested three in the second half. Her arm was hit hard on the play, but no foul was called

Alex Guyton with another classic facial expression during a shot

Drey Mingo and Chantel Poston help up Courtney Moses after she was fouled attempting a three pointer. I think the momentum of this play and her three free throws was huge

Purdue President France Cordova again helping to cheer on the Boilers

Drey Mingo getting fouled while attempting a lay in

Brittany playing herself right out of her shoes

Moses with another three pointer

After a DePaul foul out Coach Versyp briefly meets with her team

Dee Dee Williams at the line scoring her only point of the game. She did play very well though on the night

Brittany Rayburn sizing up a free throw

The Boilers celebrating as time expires.


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