Purdue Women’s Basketball vs. Toledo Picture Gallery

Here are a few pictures from the second round WNIT game held at Mackey Arena Monday night.

The team waiting for the National Anthem

Brittany Rayburn looking for someone to pass to

Drey Mingo warming up before the second half. Who knew that she was about to go off?

Dee Dee Williams during warmups

Courtney Moses grabbing a rebound during warm ups

Alex Guyton dribbling the ball up top. I love the facial expressions she has when she has the ball

Courtney Moses with a lay in

Alex Guyton with another great expression while attempting a lay in

Courtney Moses at half court

Brittany Rayburn working the ball right in front of us

Rayburn getting fouled while driving

Drey Mingo attempting a three

The players talking in the huddle before the coaches arrive

KK Houser firing up her squad

Courtney Moses driving hard

Chantel Poston letting Drey Mingo know that she is the difference

Mingo shooting free throws

Chantel Poston working around a screen while guarding Naama Shafir. Poston really shut Shafir down in the second half

Rayburn looking the defense over


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