Purdue vs. Michigan Photo Gallery

Justin Siller with a carry on the first play of the game

Josh Johnson tackling Denard Robinson and causing a fumble. I love the guys facial expression behind the chain gang

Michigan safety Cameron Gordon celebrates his fumble return for a touchdown while Rob Henry looks on

Purdue Drum Major Cherrie Lemon greets Purdue Pete

Rob Henry looks for some running room

Dan Dierking looking for some room as well

Denard Robinson getting tackled by Ryan Kerrigan

Roy Roundtree celebrating his touchdown

Ricardo Allen getting escorted by Purdue Pete as he crosses the goal line after his 94 yard interception return. I liked this picture so much I posted it again

Ryan Kerrigan jumping up after his sack and forced fumble. The forced fumble put him all alone atop the Purdue career list

Kerrigan enjoying a break in the action. Apparently his hair has a high motor as well

Former Purdue quarterback Scott Campbell addresses the crowd alongside former astronaut Neil Armstrong

Campbell and Armstrong during 'Shout' waiving their flags

Carson Wiggs and Kurt Lichtenberg singing during 'Shout'

Carson Wiggs and Chris Carlino jumping around during 'Shout' with Purdue Pete looking on


2 thoughts on “Purdue vs. Michigan Photo Gallery

    • For most of the pictures I am just using a Canon 75-300mm. I don’t have the image stabilizing lens yet, but I am sure that it is on the way. This gets to be an expensive hobby.

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