College Basketball Game of the Week: #8 Purdue vs. Howard

This should be a great weekend on campus. On Friday the women open up their season with a pre season WNIT game. Saturday of course is the football game against Michigan. Sunday on campus the Purdue men’s team takes the court for the first meaningful game of the year. If all goes well Friday night for the ladies they will play again on Monday night. That would be a huge weekend for the team. Even though the women are playing possibly two games this weekend I have to pick the start of the Men’s season to call the game of the week. They just have so much more behind them right now, and 14,123 fans ready to scream Sunday night. No matter what though if you are a Boiler fan that can be on campus this weekend you are in for a treat. I will not get too much into the games as it is early, and both Purdue squads should roll. With everything going on this week it is hard to go to in depth.

Men’s Picks of the Week – Every week during the season I pick ten games just like football season for the men. I would pick more, but I have to simplify things big so I am not looking up scores forever. Maybe as the season goes on I will start picking a few more, but right now with all of the one sided match ups I will just pick ten. I have not lost a pick yet this season. On the flip side, I have not won one either. I learned very quickly last season that picking scores was foolish. I don’t have the time to do all the research necessary to be even close. I have just learned to pick winners in basketball. Here are my picks this week:

  • Notre Dame over Georgia South
  • #5 Ohio State over North Carolina A&T
  • #2 Michigan State over Eastern Michigan
  • Minnesota over Sienna
  • #5 Ohio State over #11 Florida
  • Indiana over Mississippi Valley State
  • #16 Illinios over #25 Texas
  • Minnesota over Western Kentucky
  • #8 Purdue over Alcorn State
  • #8 Purdue over Howard

Women’s Picks of the Week – I try to do the same thing with the women as the men so here are my picks for week one of the women’s season:

  • Notre Dame over New Hampshire
  • Indiana over Ball State
  • Illinois over Illinois State
  • Wisconsin over Kansas
  • Michigan over Indiana State
  • #24 Michigan State over Detroit
  • Northwestern over Chicago State
  • Inidana over St. Louis
  • Wisconsin over Marquette
  • Purdue over Austin Peay

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