College Football Wrap (Week 10 Edition)

Once again a busy week has prevented me from putting together the wrap that I had started. This is more to get my picks from last week out of the way so that this week’s preview can be a little shorter. Purdue pulled off the upset of Wisconsin if you only count first half scores, or scores not associated with turnovers. Of course both of those count so the Boilers still need two wins to become bowl eligible. Last week I talked about how this week’s picks would bring me to 100 on the season. I went 7-3 for the week to bring me to 82-18. I can even do that math being an OLS major. Each week I feel that I have been doing okay, but I would like to be a bit higher than 82%. That being said I have not been slacking when it comes to picking the games outside of the Big Ten Conference. Two of my losses last week were in tough SEC games. I guess I have to do a bit more homework before I do my picks. Of course a little luck would not hurt. Here is how I did last week (as usual the actual score is in parenthesis):

  • #7 Nebraska 35 (30) – Iowa State 17 (30)
  • #14 Michigan State 45 (45) – Minnesota 10 (8)
  • #16 Iowa 35 (18) – Indiana 17 (13)
  • Illinois 31 (65) – Michigan 28 (67)
  • Penn State 17 (35) – Northwestern 15 (21)
  • #6 Alabama 31 (21) – #10 LSU 14 (24)
  • #3 TCU 31 (47) – #5 Utah 27 (7)
  • #19 South Carolina 31 (20) – #18 Arkansas 24 (41)
  • #13 Stanford 41 (42) – #15 Arizona 38 (17)
  • #9 Wisconsin 42 (34) – Purdue 9 (13)

As I have been doing the last few weeks I have been following a few players that I think deserve recognition. I decided that it is not worthwhile for me to make a Heisman pick since I really can’t see all the players necessary. The current Cam Newton scandal (or soon to be depending on how you look at it) will make that vote interesting anyway. He would have been at the top of my list. Instead of a Heisman vote though I decided to name my own award. It is the Possum Trophy given to the best player that I have seen in person this season. A few events from last week have shaken up the standings a bit. Here is how the list looks right now:

  1. Denard Robinson (3)
  2. Ryan Kerrigan (1)
  3. J.J. Watt (4)
  4. Nate Scheelhaase (NR)
  5. John Clay (2)

Scheelhaase from Illinois jumped into the top five after yet another strong outing. He knocked Kawann Short off the list. The Boiler linemen can move up with a strong showing this week against Michigan. I will be at the game, and for some reason what I see in person seems more important than what I see on replays when I get home. That might explain why Watt moved up and Clay moved down this week. Kerrigan did not have a great game against Wisconsin, and Robinson has just been Robinson. It will be interesting to see how he does this week against the Boilers. Can they contain him, or does he set another record?



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