Purdue Exhibition Pictures

A couple of days ago Purdue played a meaningless game. Meaningless that is unless you want to see a Boiler team win. They did pull out the win though in the exhibition opener. I normally will not post pictures after each basketball game, but with all the new faces I thought that I would post a few. Here are the pictures from the game versus Indianapolis.

JaJuan Johnson early in the game showing off his new added weight.

With the new muscle you might not want to make him angry

Nate Blank who led all players with eighteen points gets another shot off

D.J. Byrd showing some defensive prowess. I really like how he plays

Dru Anthrop gets a loose ball. He was pretty impressive in limited minutes for a walk on

E'Twaun Moore with the ball early in the second half. He had a great spurt early in the half

Terone Johnson on the breakaway

Even Indiana Jones attended the game

Sandi Marcius with a block. Of course he was called for a foul on this where he did nothing but put his hands up and get run into

Travis Carroll on D

John Hart with the ball

Anthony Johnson with the layup

Kelsey Barlow tries a lay in. It rimmed out of course. He just had a rough night

Carroll on D again

Bubba Day sending what was left of the crowd into a frenzy with a basket


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