College Football Wrap (Week 9 Edition)

This week is busy with a basketball game thrown into the mix so this wrap will be short. I will just talk a little about my picks from last week, and then move on to other things. I have already covered the Purdue game enough. No more really needs to be said about that. The first game that shocked me was the Michigan State game at Iowa. I picked them to win because they were on such a roll you had to keep riding them. I am not shocked that they lost, but shocked that they lost as badly as they did. With that loss the hopes for a Big Ten team in the title game for all purposes was lost as well. I would have had the score of the Minnesota game against Ohio State perfect, but I added an extra touchdown for the Gophers at the last minute. I really thought Weber could get a little more. Washington really did not show up Saturday either. Notre Dame may have taken the top billing for the disappointment of the week of these games because they were terrible against Tulsa. It is crazy to think that a team like Tulsa could come into Notre Dame Stadium and win. Clearly the rebuilding for the Irish may take a lot longer than most thought that it would. So once again I went 8-2 on the week. It really seems like that is the only record I can get. That brings me to 75-15 on the season overall. The college football season is winding down, and you would think the teams would be a little more predictable. For some reason though every now and then something will happen that will surprise you. It will be fun to see what this week holds in store for college football. For now here are my picks from last week with the actual score in parenthesis.

  • #5 Michigan State 24 (6) – #18 Iowa 23 (37)
  • #14 Nebraska 31 (31) – #6 Missouri 21 (17)
  • #11 Ohio State 52 (52) – Minnesota 17 (10)
  • Northwestern 38 (20) – Indiana 35 (17)
  • Penn State 28 (41) – Michigan 24 (31)
  • #13 Stanford 35 (41) – Washington 27 (0)
  • #1 Auburn 38 (51) – Ole Miss 28 (31)
  • #2 Oregon 35 (53) – USC 31 (32)
  • Notre Dame 38 (27) – Tulsa 21 (28)
  • Illinois 23 (44) – Purdue 15 (10)

I decided to change the requirements for the first annual Possum Trophy a bit. It pains me to do it because we had a clear front runner in Cam Newton who I have enjoyed watching play on television. I can’t see everyone play though so I decided to narrow the list down to only players I have seen in person or will see before the season is over. The Heisman Trophy can be decided by others who can see all the games. Here is how I see the award lining up right now.

  1. Ryan Kerrigan
  2. John Clay
  3. Denard Robinson
  4. J.J. Watt
  5. Kawann Short

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