Purdue Hockey @ Illinois State in Pictures

After the football game Saturday I drove just up the road to see the Purdue hockey club in action. I have heard about them for so long that I decided to see a game in person. I had a blast at the game, and the hockey team did not disappoint. This was my second hockey game shooting at, and I thought I captured a couple good pictures. I thought I would share a few on here. It is hard to get good information on the team. Players like #18 below do not show up on the Purdue hockey website. I have done my best to identify the players that I could find.

Justin Belko for the Boilers during warm ups

Tyler Reith during warm ups

Adam Monnier with some stick handling during warm ups

Illinois State's Eric Turton gets a shot off

Goalie Ben Pulley ready for a shot

Pulley stopping a shot by an Illinois State

Pulley going down to stop a shot

Boiler junior captain Kurt Radermacher with the puck just after the first intermission. I love how clean the ice looks

Jason Schelzer getting hit high with a stick by Zach Grunert

Radermacher getting the puck up ice

Schmelzer working the puck

Schmelzer coming around the goal with the puck. On his jersey you can see a circle above the P with a 22 on it. Only some of the players had it, and I assumed it was for Andrew Jackson who was killed almost three years ago while traveling to a game.

Zach Tate getting taken down on a breakaway. No penalty was called

One of the joys of the game was watching freshman Nick Cesarone. He was in the heads of the opponents all day long. He looked like he really enjoyed toying with them.

Senior defenseman Chad Manista shooting the puck. He scored on the play

The team celebrates after Manista's goal

Senior Scott Campbell on the ice


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