Chris Kramer in Pictures Part 2

Here is part two of my look at some of the pictures of Kramer that I liked. Most of these were taken in the latter part of 2010 during the late season and post season run that Purdue enjoyed.

Kramer during Michigan warmups in 2010

Kramer driving against Michigan in 2010

Kramer with a drive to the basket. I loved this move where he would just fight right to the basket

Sometimes you just have to go

Kramer getting honored before senior night. He left as the all time leader at Purdue in steals

Chris and his family on senior night. How weird will it be not to see them at the games?

Sometimes you take a picture and you just don't know what to say. This was one of them. What exactly is going on?

Chris going in for a dunk against Sienna in the first round of the NCAA Tournament in Spokane

Another great effort by Kramer on this shot against Sienna

Kramer with a player on his back against Sienna

Chris drawing contact early on against Texas A&M in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament

Chris's mom trying to get the Boiler faithful pumped up at the game against A&M

Chris showing his emotions late in the game against A&M

Chris setting up the offense against A&M

The legend adding to his legend. Kramer's last second layup that sent the Boilers to the sweet sixteen.

Kramer seemingly out cold in Texas against Duke. His hard play left him down on the floor many times.

He always got back up though. Here he shoots a free throw later in the game

One last hit. Kramer getting hit one last time as a Boiler. Of course no foul was called on Duke for this.

Kramer leaving the floor one last time as a Boiler. I love this picture. Both Kramers dad and brother are in it as well.


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