Keaton Grant in Pictures

Not to be forgotten is Keaton Grant. He along with Kramer helped take Purdue to new levles. He was part of the class that left school with the most wins in Purdue history. Here is a brief look at some of the Grant pictures that I liked.

Keaton drives against Illinois in 2007

Grant playing D early in his career. He was a great defender that would get in your face.

Grant going in for a layup against West Virginia

Bullseye! Grant nails a three against West Virginia

I love this picture of Keaton staring down at the West Virginia defenders after a big dunk

Grant in traffic

Grant doing his best Jordan impression against Illinois last season

Keaton and his family on senior night

Keaton hanging on the rim after a dunk against Sienna. The ball apparently is a little slow in its descent into the basket

Grant driving against Sienna

Grant threowing one down against A&M. The play of our seniors was huge in that overtime win.

Grant fired up as the team heads back to the bench during a timeout against Texas A&M


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