Chris Kramer in Pictures Part 1

With Purdue Baseketball starting next week I started looking back to last season. While doing it I realized that during my hiatus from this site I missed posting as the two big seniors ended their Purdue careers. To make up for that a little I decided to just post some of the better pictures of both Chris Kramer and Keaton Grant. For some reason I had a lot of good Kramer pictures so I split them up into two posts. Here is the first of the Kramer lot.

A young Kramer works the ball against Michigan

Another shot of a younger Kramer driving against Northwestern in 2007

One of my favorite shots of Chris. Here he is trying to finish a drive after getting fouled very badly

Chris working the ball against Drew Neitzel in 2008. Chris was a huge part of the Boilers holding MSU to 13 points in the second half

Not the best framed picture, but I love the effort by Kramer on this shot against Northwestern in 2008

Kramer shoots a foul shot at Michigan in 2008

Kramer boxing out on a free throw

Kramer playing defense. How much fun was that to watch?

Kramer was known for putting the clamps on people on defense. Here he is shown putting the clamps down on offense.

Chris wearing the mask.

Kramer with a layup against Northwestern

Chris on the ground winning a scrum for the ball. How many times did we see this?

Kramer with the ball against West Virginia

Chris playing D against Ohio State in 2009

Chris with a style layup against Illinois

Kramer hitting a bail out three at Ohio State in 2010

Chris holding the ball against Wisconsin in 2010


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