Five Years Ago I Lost My Mind

As you can see in the above video I completely lost my mind when the Sox clinched the Series in 2005. I was sitting in the United Center watching the game with some great people who made the night awesome! It is funny to look back at it now with how Juan Uribe is helping the Giants to the Series. Juan made a great play at the start of the video going into the stands for the second out, and then used his cannon to record the final out. At that point I just lost control. Following sports will do that to you. For five years I have tried to figure out what I said to the mother and son behind me when I give them a high five, but I think it was some other language. At some point I will have to stop clinging to the 2005 title, but I still enjoy reliving this moment. If for nothing else to laugh at myself. I am posting this early in the day so that it can be up all day.


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