Anchor-Bone Classic Pictures Part 1

Here is the first of two parts of my pictures from the Anchor-Bone Classic this weekend. I had a great time, and as you will see over the course of the pictures the weather gave us just about everything but snow.

Defensive Back Robert Carlisle warms up prior to the game

Zach Breen makes an over the shoulder catch during warm ups

The Bulldog leads Ferris State onto the field

The Captains meet at midfield for the coin toss

Heath Parling warming up on the sidelines

Norman Shuford looks for daylight on the first drive

The offense ready to snap the ball

Kyle McMahon just after release

Dwayne Williams with one of the few positive plays for the Bulldogs

Matt Mitchell fires up the defense. He was great to listen to in the huddle all day.

Nick Lawrence sacks Tom Schneider

Lawrence finishing the sack of Schneider. The Bulldog quarterback would not play again on the day.

Kyle McMahon running through the rain

William Miles intercepts a Kyle McMahon pass on the goal line.

Offensive Lineman Taylor Sprague running after a screen pass came to him. Brandon Allen and Zach Breen try and chase him down

Breen catches Sprague to make a nice tackle to force a punt

Chris Huley has a great design in his hair


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