Note To Brett Favre


Brett dropping back to pass last year at Lambeau


Hello, I was once one of your biggest fans when you played for the Packers. For years I looked to you as the guy that what was good about pro football. You took the bad things in your life, and turned them into positives.

You took your addictions, and used the treatment time as a training device to make you more fit before the season. That year you took the Pack to the Super Bowl and won. When your father died you had the game of your life on Monday night football. Then you had to start toying with your fans. Every year we had to sit on pins and needles wondering if you were going to come back or not. Finally we found out that you had retired. Then suddenly you wanted to come back. Your former team had already moved on, and did not want you anymore. They had after all made plans after you retired. So you requested a trade to a league rival. Of course that was nixed so you were sent to the Jets. Once again after one season with the Jets you announced your retirement. I thought that once again the Brett Favre era was over. The of course you came back to the team you really wanted to spend 2008 with, the Minnesota Vikings. I even traveled to Lambeau to witness your return. I wore my #4 jersey proudly in the stands because that number was so special to me for so long. Then of course you threw four touchdown passes to win the game. A career year that fell one play short of the Super Bowl was a great way to end your career. So of course you retired yet again. This was the third time you retired, and of course who would believe you now? You were even in on the joke with your Sears commercials. So as summer moved on and word spread that you were done I never posted anything on my site because I knew that you would be back. And after a few teammates flew down to get you the announcement came that once again you would play for the Vikings. For some reason this seemed to be the last straw. All of the good will that was built up for years suddenly was used up. Now we have these allegations with pictures that should never have been seen (Thanks Deadspin!). I think that last pass out of the back of the end zone should be the last one that you throw. The injuries and age are taking a toll, and every game you play will just tarnish your record more. It is time to call it quits. Nobody would blame you. The pressure has to be immense right now. The records are all yours. All that remains is your legacy. Don’t ruin that now. Exiting now is the right thing to do. Even the best have to hang it up sometime.


The Sports Junkie


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