College Football Weekly Wrap Up (Week 7 Edition)

John Clay on the move

I decided to put a picture of John Clay at the head of the post because for me as a Big Ten fan that was arguably the game of the week, and he was the player of that game.

There were a lot of big games this week so lets get right into the wrap up. The first big game that I saw on DVR was the game with the #13 Michigan State Spartans against the Illini of Illinois.

  • Michigan State’s penalties helped the initial Illini drive which resulted in a field goal
  • State was just as undisciplined on the second drive as well
  • With 36 seconds left in the half Martin fumbles a punt to give Illinois great field position that allowed them to kick a field goal to go up 6-3. I love watching Martin play, but he usually makes the big plays for his team
  • Adams with a nice pick leads to a game tying field goal for MSU
  • A 48 yard pass from Cousins to Cunningham gives MSU the lead for good
  • The game may have turned on this play though. The Illini converted a huge pass play that put them into MSU territory, but a nice strip led to a scramble for the ball that MSU won
  • It was great to see Mark Dantonio get the ovation as he came onto the field out of the press box
  • The actor Gerard Butler who played a Spartan in a movie addressed the team earlier in the week, and was even interviewed on the Big Ten Network along with Spartan basketball coach Tom Izzo
  • This is the first time the Spartans start the season 7-0 since 1966. We all know how that win streak ended with a now famous 10-10 tie at Notre Dame
  • They are the only overall undefeated team in the Big Ten right now. They do not play Ohio State so they have a clear shot at the Rose Bowl

Here is a look at the big game of the day between the #18 Wisconsin Badgers and the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes:

  • Camp Randall was electric the entire game. I don’t know how you could think inside of that stadium
  • It got even louder when David Gilreath raced 97 yards with the opening kickoff for a Badger score
  • Terrelle Pryor was off with his arm early, but his legs helped sustain drives
  • Wisky took a 21-0 lead before an Ohio State field goal made the score 21-3 at the half
  • OSU came out firing in the second half. They scored two touchdowns on two straight drives to get the score to 21-18
  • Wisky answered the second touchdown drive with one of their own
  • J.J. Watt is a beast at end. It will be fun to watch both Watt and Kerrigan on the field when Wisky comes to town
  • The two headed monster of Clay and White were huge for Wisky. Clay finished the game with 104 yards and 2 td’s. White had 75 yards and 1 td on the night
  • Tolzien was an efficient 13/16 on the night with one pick
  • Terrelle Pryor had a rough night. He finished 14/28 for 156 yards and one pick on the night. He also rushed for 56 yards
  • You know you are good when you are Ohio State and the opponents rush the field every time that you lose

Here are some other random notes from some other games across the country:

  • Indiana was down 14-12 at the half to Arkansas State
  • In that Indiana game the Arkansas State quarterback fumbled the ball on the goal line, but the ball popped right into one of his lineman’s arms who took it in for a touchdown
  • Hard to believe the score of the Auburn/Arkansas game was only 7-7 after a quarter
  • Onterio McCalebb did everything right on his 99 yard kickoff return except get the last yard for the touchdown.
  • After a penalty Cam Newton used the great field postion after the McCalebb return to score his 2nd TD on the ground of the day
  • Tyler Wilson was pretty good coming off the bench for Arkansas. He was 25-34 for 332 yards and 4 touchdowns on the day. The only problem was his two picks. Although that is a pretty good line for a guy who only threw 3 passes on the year up until that game.
  • After Arkansas scored a touchdown to go ahead 43-37 Auburn scored the final 28 points to seal the game.
  • Here is the points by quarters for both teams. 1st quarter 14; 2nd quarter 34; 3rd quarter 24; 4th quarter 36. Now that is a shootout
  • Newton has a huge day rushing for almost 300 yards again. He is fun to watch
  • Looking at the 108 points scored in the Auburn/Arkansas game I thought about how weird it would be to be at a game where over 100 points were scored
  • Unless you are a Valparaiso Crusader fan. There were 93 points scored in their game. Unfortunately they only scored 7 of them. They were beaten down 86-7
  • While leaving Ross Ade Saturday I saw the halftime score of 66-7. I thought that I was seeing the final score, and felt bad for Valpo. I mentioned the score to the people I was with, then saw that it was just a halftime score. This program needs some help quick.
  • LSU needed a late touchdown in the first quarter to pull even with McNeese State. They survived a scare by pulling away late
  • Taylor Martinez lost all of his Heisman momentum that he gained from his Thursday night game
  • Mistakes were the reason the Huskers lost that game. Penalties and dropped passes
  • I can’t wait to see Purdue play in Lincoln. That place looks awesome
  • Mack Brown’s decision to pooch punt instead of kicking a field goal almost cost them the game. Eric Hagg took the ball on the bounce and returned it for a Nebraska score. Hagg made great use of his blocks to take the punt to the house.
  • #10 South Carolina upset by Kentucky one week after taking out #1 Alabama
  • #22 Florida drops third game in a row after losing to Mississippi State
  • Eastern Michigan won for the first time in 18 games at Ball State. I picked this game because I thought I knew both teams fairly well. I guess Eastern decided to prove me wrong yet again
  • Jake Locker throws for 286 yards and 5 touchdowns in Washington win
  • Washington up 21-0 before allowing 28 straight points (including overtime) to Oregon State
  • Huskies won 35-34 after Oregon State failed on an extra point in the second overtime
  • Michigan marched right down the field to start the game, but then did not score again until the fourth quarter
  • Iowa rattled off 28 straight points to create a hole too deep to climb out of
  • Derrell Johnson-Koulianos other than having a name that is a mouthful is a good receiver. He hauled in three touchdown passes on four catches. He made a couple nice ones.
  • Denard Robinson was hurt during the game. It sounds as if he would have missed this week if Michigan did not have a bye, but he will be ready when Michigan plays again.
  • Rich Rod may be feeling the heat again shortly. The season seems to be slipping away
  • Iowa blocked a Michigan field goal, and the Michigan players just walked off the field instead of covering the return. This teams mental mistakes cost them a victory
  • How can Western Michigan let Malcolm Floyd beat them deep twice when he can’t even run?
  • I love how the Notre Dame announcer Mike Maycock called the team Penn State during the game. He seemed to catch his mistake and move on quickly. You might want to get the team that pays you right Mike
  • I would like to see one play work for big yards out of that polecat formation
  • Te’o is a beast at linebacker. He lays the wood when he hits someone
  • Speaking of hitting someone, Western Michigan kicker John Potter actually looks to make a hit. He is a rare breed of kicker
  • Teams not in AP poll this week: Notre Dame, Michigan, USC, Florida, and Penn State. A lot of former powerhouses not doing so well.
  • For his performance against Minnesota Rob Henry was named Big Ten Freshman of the Week

Every week I pick ten games that I hope to watch or have an interest in. I pick the winners, and try and pick the final score. So far this season I am 59-11 after going 8-2 this past week. I actually wrote the preview on Thursday and included the Friday night game between Louisville and Cincinnati in the preview which published on Saturday. I realized that my pick of Cincy would look weird after the fact so I changed it to the Eastern Michigan game against Ball State. This is the second time I have tried to pick Eastern, and the second time it cost me a loss. I think I might be done with them. Other than that my only other loss was  the upset of #5 Nebraska by Texas. Not too many saw that one coming. I missed the Purdue score by ten points for each team. I actually had a couple scores close again. I have gotten better than in past years when I was way off on scores. As usual the actual score of the game is in parenthesis next to the score I predicted. Here are last weeks picks:

  • #13 Michigan State 35 (26) – Illinois 24 (6)
  • #15 Iowa 31 (38) – Michigan 27 (28)
  • #5 Nebraska 34 (13) – Texas 28 (20)
  • Indiana 35 (36) – Arkansas State 21 (34)
  • #7 Auburn 31 (65) – #12 Arkansas 30 (43)
  • Ball State 34 (38) – Eastern Michigan 17 (41)
  • Notre Dame 42 (44) – Western Michigan 16 (20)
  • #1 Grand Valley State 42 (57) – Lake Erie 10 (23)
  • #18 Wisconsin 28 (31) – #1 Ohio State 27 (18)
  • Purdue 38 (28) – Minnesota 27 (17)

Last week I started the Pinola Possum Award for the most outstanding player that I have seen throughout the season. It is the poor man’s version of the Heisman Trophy. As I said I don’t have the access to watch every game so my view is limited a bit. Right now the top five in the list below is exactly where I think that they rank right now. The last five are just listed as I put them down. I will get a little more serious about this as the season progresses. Here are my top ten through week 7:

  1. Cam Newton (Auburn) – Ran for 118 yards and 3 td’s to go along with 140 yards passing and one td
  2. Ryan Kerrigan (Purdue) – He is now in a tie for second in the country in tackles for loss. He only was credited for 3 tackles last week, but his presence is disruptive. He was constantly in the backfield against Minnesota
  3. Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State) – A rough night knocks him out of the top spot. He went 14/28 for 156 yards, one interception, and only 56 yards rushing. He can get healthy real quick against Purdue though. If he was sick of J.J. Watt being in his face he now has to face Ryan Kerrigan.
  4. Jake Locker Washington) – threw for 286 yards and 5 touchdowns in double overtime win
  5. Andrew Luck (Stanford) – Had a bye week last week
  6. Denard Robinson (Michigan) – A rough day just over 200 total yards puts him out of the top five. He also was injured so his descent may be quick. I can’t take him off the list because of a bad game this week. At this point in the season he has already rushed for over 1,000 yards. Only Antwaan Randle El has done that in Big Ten history.
  7. John Clay (Wisconsin) – His performance Saturday night gets him on this list. He ran for 104 yards and 2 touchdowns against the #1 team in the country
  8. Derrell Johnson-Koulinanos (Iowa)  – He enters the list after a great day against Michigan. He caught four passes for 70 yards, but three of them were touchdowns.
  9. J.J. Watt (Wisconsin) – He was huge against Ohio State. He had a Kerrigan type day. He now sits tied for 14th in the country in tackles for loss. He was a force at the end of the game.
  10. Kirk Cousins (Michigan State) – He is quietly leading his team to an undefeated season.

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