Boilers Homecoming Pictures – Part 1

I loved the throwback uniforms so I took way too many pictures Saturday. To keep the post size down I have broken the pictures down into two parts. Here is the first of the homecoming pictures:

Kerrigan getting pressure

Albert Evans diving over the pile the play before his injury

Dierking on his 42 yard run

The view from our awesome seats in the Shively Stadium Club

Joe Tiller being recognized with the 1985 Boiler squad

Joe Holland nearly getting the pass

Antavian Edison on the run

The Boilers line up with Mackey in the background

Henry pumping up the troops with ESPN filming him

I love seeing the #15 on the field in that jersey

Henry one step away from Gary Tinsley

Henry even packs a punch during a celebration with Edison

The defense looks for guidance

Link boxing Weber's ears

Short gets tall for a block


2 thoughts on “Boilers Homecoming Pictures – Part 1

  1. Great pics post these more often after home games. If you have done this in the past i’ve missed the post but glad I found this.

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