College Football Week 5 Wrap Up

This week I attended two games in person. The recaps and pictures from both of those games have already been posted. This is meant as a way for me to talk about some other things that I was able to watch through the modern marvel of the DVR. It is also a way for me to go over my picks from last week without clogging up the game preview thread. The best way to start this off is to go over the great game which was Purdue’s upset win over #25 Northwestern. Here are a few thoughts that went through my head as I watched the replay:

  • During the recruiting round up Coach Hope told us that Cody Webster had a leg on him. Saturday he showed that indeed he does. A 79 yard punt gave Boiler fans something to talk about. I got a couple messages about it when it happened. I was worried that the punt was all that we would take from the game.
  • Purdue had its longest drive of the year against Northwestern. The bulk of the 91 yard drive was a 67 yard run by Rob Henry. If it had not been for the midfield logo that Northwestern has he would have been gone. It was nice to see them move the ball though.
  • Keith Carlos also had a 51 yard run that if not for Henry’s 67 yarder would have been the longest this season. The longest before that was the 40 yarder by ATM when he appeared to be down then took off for the score.
  • I have read a lot about the interception that Rob Henry threw in the end zone. It may not have been the best choice for a throw, but O.J. Ross did not do too much to help his quarterback. You can’t wait on the ball like that. That being said I think O.J. does a lot of good for the team.
  • Henry had over 100 yards rushing by halftime. It had been six years since the school had a 100 yard rushing quarterback period let alone in one half. Henry is an athlete for sure.
  • The downside of his performance is the fact that he only completed six passes the entire game.
  • Portage high school product Albert Evans is really stepping up his game. He is a threat to blitz, a sure tackler, and has a nose for the football. He even ended up with the field goal that Short blocked. He has been fun to watch as he improves.
  • Logan Link may not be the best athlete in the secondary, but he also seems to have a nose for the football. Together these two safeties are keeping us in games.
  • Speaking of stepping it up Kewann Short is stepping it up. He always seems to get some sort of block every game. Saturday he knocked a pass and a field goal out of the air. His efforts got him some recognition this week as well.
  • Purdue’s run game has been much better than we could ever have imagined the last few weeks. Can this last? Teams have to start stacking the line don’t they? Did we surprise Northwestern with the run?
  • The fourth down touchdown by Dan Dierking was fun to watch. I already knew what was coming since my phone let me know live what was going on, but it was still awesome to see.
  • In his first game as a punt returner Josh Johnson had a two yard return. That was actually better than the season average.
  • I don’t know who was broadcasting the game, but they both had a bad day. The color commentator was not so great, but he didn’t do horrible. The play by play man is supposed to keep things together. I think he did just the opposite. He had a lot of trouble telling the two teams apart all night. Purdue players were getting tackled by Purdue players and vice versa. He also didn’t seem to have a strong grasp on the game of football. This was the best team they could pull together for a prime time game?
  • Last week I talked about how Northwestern was winning close games because of discipline. An untimely penalty at the end of the game cost them a shot at getting the ball back. Quentin Davie’s personal foul helped Purdue overcome a strange set of calls by the refs. How can you blow the play dead and award a time out before the player has knelt down with the ball?
  • Speaking of that final series I have seen a lot of talk about how stupid the coaches must be to kneel down. Really? The same coaches were burned at the stake last season against Northwestern for the turnovers. Now they take that almost out of the equation and the same people are complaining. I think that some people don’t like this coaching staff. It is the fact that Danny and the rest of them do not lose teams after adversity that makes me like them more and more.
  • Purdue has now won three straight Big Ten road games.

Now of course there were plenty of other games going on this weekend. The entire week featured football games leading up to Saturday. I was lucky enough to be able to see a few of them, and here are some completely random thoughts on what I saw:

  • Taylor Martinez will be the quarterback the Big Ten is talking about next season. He had a great game in primetime on Thursday.
  • I have found myself watching Nebraska a little closer since they will be joining the Big Ten. Purdue will not see them for a while, but it is still great to see us getting such a good team in the conference.
  • A week ago I talked about how Alabama was the number one team in the country by far. Of course they immediately lose. I am a sports junkie, but obviously not a bright one.
  • Illinois has a big game at Penn State, but turnovers may be their undoing.
  • Nate Bussey makes a great interception during that game at Penn State, and sealed the affair by taking it to the house.
  • Speaking of Penn State how far will they fall? At the beginning of the season I was glad that Purdue did not play them. Now I kind of wish that we had them on the schedule. They are reeling right now. JoePa needs to get his troops together quick.
  • Pryor throws for a career high 336 yards and 3 td’s in limited time Saturday. That was all done while he was supposedly hampered by an injury. I would love to see Henry limited like that.
  • Michigan State made Denard look human for the first time all season. He threw 3 interceptions on the day. He still ended up with 301 yards, but was not the dominant force that he has been. Defense will do that to a guy.
  • Michigan State is 6-0 right now and looking good. They need to avoid the late season collapse that previous coaches could not.
  • Edwin Baker’s 67 yard touchdown run showed some wheels. Is it bad that I watch Big Ten football and think about what certain guys will do to Purdue’s defense?
  • Speaking of that Wisconsin has two great backs in White and Clay. Who would you start?
  • Bielema’s excuse of a chart for his two point conversion is stupid. Just say you wanted to rub it in. Why use a chart as an excuse?
  • Minnesota is a team close to the brink. At the end of that game I saw a lot of finger pointing going on. Hopefully that leads to some dissension this weekend.
  • The Gophers get a huge touchdown against Wisconsin right before the half, and then botch the extra point. Things like this will lead to a 1-5 record.
  • How long has Weber been the Gopher quarterback?
  • McKnight will be fun to watch this weekend. He made two nice touchdown grabs. Minnesota has a couple of good receivers.
  • Cam Newton is big and good. Watching him lead the game winning drive was fun. How can people tackle this guy?
  • Does anyone really feel sorry for Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy who hadn’t lost a game since eighth grade?
  • Notre Dame looked good against Pitt in the first half. Pitt was supposed to be a decent team this season, but did not look it early against the Irish.
  • They did turn it up though in the second half to make things interesting.
  • Notre Dame has lost TE Kyle Rudolph for the season. He is a big part of the offense, but being a Purdue fan right now I don’t have sympathy for any teams injury problems.
  • Speaking of injuries my Packers have seemed to have caught the Purdue injury bug. Hard to believe that two teams I like can have seasons like this at the same time.

Here is how I did on my picks last week. I went 7-3 on the week. A normal event every week is Purdue costing me. I can’t really seem to pick them correctly. I am 2-3 picking their games this season. Of my nine losses this season three of them are the team that I watch more then any other. Am I that blind, or just a homer? The 7-3 record on the week brings me to 51-9 on the season. As usual the actual score is in parenthsis.

  • #2 Ohio State 42 (38) – Indiana 14 (10)
  • #10 Utah 31 (68)– Iowa State 24 (27)
  • #20 Wisconsin 42 (41) – Minnesota 14 (23)
  • #17 Michigan State 36 (34) – #18 Michigan 35 (17)
  • Penn State 20 (13) – Illinois 17 (33)
  • #14 Florida 24 (29) – #12 LSU 17 (33)
  • #24 Missouri 35 (26) – Colorado 17 (0)
  • Northwestern 34 (17)– Purdue 17 (20)
  • Marist 18 (51) – Valpo 15 (7)
  • #1 Grand Valley State 56 (28) – Northern Michigan 24 (7)

Just for fun I thought I would rate my top six Heisman picks as of right now. I don’t get to see all the games so my list is biased to what I have seen. After some thought I decided that I don’t have a Heisman vote so why should I predict it? I decided to give out the Pinola Possum at the end of the season. The possum is a fierce creature found in the town just outside of where I live. Here is how I see the Possum in my mind right now:

  1. Terrelle Pryor
  2. Cam Newton
  3. Denard Robinson
  4. Andrew Luck
  5. Taylor Martinez
  6. Ryan Kerrigan

I know that right now most people think that Boise quarterback Kellen Moore should be on that list. I just have not really seen enough of him yet. I also have not seen Oregon’s LaMichael James either. This list is fluid, and will probably change every week. Last week I think that Denard and Terrelle would have been swapped were they are today. Luck is on the list simply because of the hit that he laid on a USC player after a fumble last week. If you have not seen it you need to look it up. This week has some big games for three of the five on the list. Pryor travels to Wisconsin for a big test. Taylor Martinez faces Texas, and Cam Newton faces another Possum hopeful Ryan Mallet. This list could shift very quickly based on what happens this weekend. I placed Kerrigan on the list because right now he is leading the nation in tackles for loss, and is just a beast. A good game from him might start getting him the national attention that he deserves.


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