Valparaiso Crusaders Football Picture Gallery

Here are some of the pictures that I took while at the Valparaiso Crusaders home game last Saturday.

The first picture was taken with my phone from my view at the end of the half. Valpo had just scored on our end of the field, and we were getting ready to leave at the half. Former LaPorte linebacker Matt Heinen makes a catch during pre game warmups. I like to use these drills to get pictures that I normally could not get. Valpo quarterback Nate Goergen tries to gain a few yards by scrambling through a hole in the defense. His scrambles helped set up the lone Valpo touchdown. Heinen again on the Valpo sideline after a defensive series. Goergen under center looking over the defense. Valpo receiver Antonio Lovelace recovers the football after he fumbled it late in the second quarter.Lovelace pays the price for his fumbled as his helmet is knocked off after he picked up the ball. Goergen awaits the snap out of the shotgun.Lovelace hauls in the lone Valpo touchdown of the day. The next frame in my series is of him going over the goaline with the linebacker diving for him. The only problem was the ref was right in the way of my picture. I learned a quick lesson on where not to stand. I guess things will come in time.Bobby Wysocki getting ready for the extra point. He really does do it all for the team.


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