Grand Valley State Homecoming in Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from the Grand Valley game Saturday that did not make the original post. Grand Valley quarterback Kyle McMahon takes off for a short gain early in the first quarter. He ran for 66 yards on the day. Laker running back Justin Sherrod gets hit by a Northern Michigan defender while trying to field a punt. The only problem though is that the ball had not got to Sherrod yet. It was a blatant penalty that even the defender knew. He got up after the tackle shaking his head. Laker quarterback Kyle McMahon shares a secret with tight end Tony Carreri. I love moments like this in the middle of a football game. McMahon going back for the handoff. The Lakers only had 83 yards passing on the day. What a change from the normal offense we are used to seeing. The run was working though and it won them the game.McMahon changing some things at the line yet again.Laker running back Justin Sherrod gets a carry out of the backfield. Sherrod had 109 yards rushing on the day to lead the Lakers. Laker wide receiver Jovonne Augustus grabs what I thought was a touchdown late in the first half. As he falls to the ground with the ball you can see the flag flying in for pass interference. I thought the call was bogus, and it cost me a cool picture of a touchdown catch. Laker running back Norman Shuford looks to get to the outside. He ran for 86 yards and two touchdowns on the day.

Late in the game McMahon threw a jump ball up for his receiver. The ball seemed to float in the air for way too long before finally hitting the ground incomplete. This picture shows just how close the pass was from being picked off.


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