Anterior Cruciate Ligament – Three Dirty Words

Separately those three words do not mean much to me, but put them together and you will see me cringe. Injuries are a part of sports. Especially now where everyone is in such great shape that bodies seem to just be flying around. No injury probably hurt more from a spectator standpoint than the injury to Robbie Hummel at Minnesota last season. That pretty much took all the Boiler Nation’s hopes and flushed them. Not to mention that it happened to a great guy. Previous injuries to guys like Carl Landry were big, but the team did not have the hopes that last years Boilers team did. Here is a quick look through pictures of how injuries have affected the Boiler Nation lately. This blog rarely uses pictures that are not my own. This is one time though that I needed to go outside what I have to make this work.

If you follow college sports you have seen this image or one like it many times. Purdue’s Robbie Hummel in pain on the floor in Minnesota. At that point you had to be thinking how could this get any worse? The heart of the baseketball team was ripped out on that floor. It took a remarkable run, and some great senior leadership to get to the Sweet 16. Without this injury the Road to the Final Four would have been much different.

Things did get worse when football season started. A simple pass on the sideline in a meaningless game cost us the best offensive player that we have. Keith Smith went up for the football, and when he came down his college career was over. Keith is a great kid that has stayed on the sidelines to root on his team. The best returning running back Ralph Bolden already tore up his knee in the spring, and would not start the season for the Boilers. Smith was on the sidelines when quarterback Robert Marve dropped back to pass and collapsed on the field versus Toledo. His ACL was torn, and he was done for the season. None ACL related is the fact that in the same game we lost the second best receiver Justin Siller to an ankle injury. That makes the starting quarterback, running back, and top two receivers all lost to injury. Three of those of the ACL varitey.

After the loss to Toledo Purdue Pete had one too many Boilermakers, and was trying to tackle the Boilermakers statue. He landed wrong on one of the shrubberies around the base of the statue. Do you want to guess what happened to Pete? If you guessed ACL you are correct. Pete is questionable for homecoming now. He has been operating alone ever since the death of Rowdy when he landed wrong on his head while bouncing at a John Purdue Club function. Thankfully we still have the Boilermaker Express as the official mascot. Unless something happens to the train on the way to the stadium.

In a little known accident the next Monday construction worker Al Downs was helping to finish the Mackey renovation project when he tore his ACL. Al is shown above shortly after the accident. His foreman Billy Reuben said that Al was one of the best workers on the crew. His loss will certainly be felt by everyone on the crew.

I go home to watch some TV, and I see one of my favorite shows on Family Guy. As Peter tries to run into the house he appears to tear his ACL. Now it is affecting my television! Can I not get away from all of this.

I decided to turn off the TV and go outside. I grabbed a ball and started to play catch with my dog Larry. On a weird bounce Larry decides to jump up and catch the ball in the air when he comes down wrong on his leg. Sure enough Larry now has an ACL injury. I should have known something bad would happen to him when I put his Purdue jersey on him before we went outside.

Everything has been affected by this epidemic. I was buying a present for my friends kid. On the way out of the store I dropped it on the ground, and you guessed it….nothing happened. I put it in the bag wrong though, and tore its ACL.

The bulk of this post has been made up if you haven’t figured that out by now. The initial injuries are true, but the rest have been made up to satisfy my need to talk this out. Just in case though if you have anything Purdue on, or are affiliated at all with the school you had better start wearing braces on your knees. This might help things out for you.


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