The Very Late College Football Week 5 Wrap Up

With the Sox game and everything else going on this week I really did not get this out when I would have liked to. I decided to look at how I did on my predictions in a completely separate post from where I make the new ones. I just think it will be a little cleaner. This past week I did not attend a game which is rare for me. That just meant that I got to watch way too much football on TV. The following are just some random thoughts from a days worth of football:

  • Is Penn State as bad as they have looked the last couple of weeks?
  • Is Iowa as good as they looked Saturday?
  • Alabama is by far the best team in the country right now. That could all change, but right now I don’t know who could touch them.
  • As a Purdue fan I should be ashamed of the fact that I love watching Brian Kelly coach football. He seems to be the kind of coach that I like.
  • I should also admit that I enjoyed watching Indiana’s offense this past weekend.
  • Although I enjoyed watching Denard Robinson run all over them even more.
  • Denard ran for 200 yards and passed for over 200 in the same game twice this season. Right now at Purdue we would take either of them during a game.
  • That man is the real deal for sure. Barring injury he will be something special.
  • Keshawn Martin is another game changer.
  • Northwestern is a well coached team. Watching Ben Johnson slide after making a pick instead of going for the touchdown was awesome. When a player is thinking that far ahead and is that unselfish you are going in the right direction.
  • It is no wonder that Northwestern has such a good record lately in close games.
  • Minnesota though played a good game bouncing back from a couple of tough losses. The coaching staff had them fired up with the start of Big Ten season being a ‘new season’. It will be interesting to see how they play in week 2 of the ‘new season.’
  • Against the #2 team in the country Ron Zook kicks the field goal instead of going for it? I don’t want to pretend that I know how to coach but I will. You have to go for it there.
  • On the flipside to that Ohio State survived a scare, but it is the Big Ten where anything can happen every week.
  • Speaking of going for it. Michigan State went for it three times on fourth down against Wisconsin. The last of those was on the 1 yard line. A pass that put the game away. These coaches in East Lansing have really got a set on them this season.
  • Speaking of coaching. How do 13 guys end up on the field at the end of the game for Tennessee? That gave LSU another chance after a botched snap to win the game. I had to watch this on replay because the bar I was at shut the game off with under a minute to go. Really? The slideshow they had ready to go was much more important.
  • In division 2 play Grand Valley State ran up 71 points on Tiffin. I guess they are not missing Chuck Martin who left to coach defensive backs at Notre Dame.
  • Quote of the week: This comes from Danny Kanell during the Indiana – Michigan game. You can’t make this stuff up. “Red Zone interceptions, those are what kills drives.” Really? A normal interception doesn’t? Any turnover kills drives.
  • Play of the week: Denard Robinson running 70+ yards on Michigan’s second play from scrimmage to tie the game up at seven. Keshawn Martin’s 74 yard punt return that put Michigan State ahead for good is a close second. I just think that Robinson’s run really set the tone for the game.
  • Bonehead move of the week: 13 men on the field? Really? Just when I thought Tennessee had pulled the game out.
  • Call of the week: This goes to me for deciding not to go to the Illinois State game. I was a dramatic game that took two overtimes to decide, but was played in a downpour. I would probably still be in the hospital.

Last week I went 7-3 with my picks. That brings my record on the season to 44-6. I doubled my losses in one week. The only good news is that I can’t do that again this week. I really thought that Michigan State would lose. Maybe I should say that I thought Wisconsin was good enough to overcome all that Michigan State had going for them. I was wrong. Michigan State is chugging along right into a great matchup against Michigan. Who would have thought that these two teams would be undefeated going into the six week of the season? A suddenly great matchup should have had the state of Michigan talking about something other than the fact that their state looks like a mitten. Here is how my picks fared this past week. As usual the actual score is in parenthesis.

  • Northwestern 27 (29) – Minnesota 10 (28)
  • #2 Ohio State 35 (24) – Illinios 17 (13)
  • #11 Wisconsin 30 (24) – #24 Michigan State 28 (34)
  • #19 Michigan 42 (42) – Indiana 27 (35)
  • #17 Iowa 20 (24) – #22 Penn State 13 (3)
  • Boston College 23 (13) – Notre Dame 20 (31)
  • #1 Alabama 27 (31) – #7 Florida 20 (6)
  • #8 Oklahoma 30 (28) – #21 Texas 17 (20)
  • #4 Oregon 35 (52) – #9 Stanford 24 (31)
  • Eastern Michigan 17 (17) – Ohio 10 (30)

I was already out of my comfort zone when I was picking games outside of the Big Ten. I lucked out though and got all but one of them. The one was the Eastern Michigan game. I was nearly at that game as well so I thought I would pick it by merely looking at stats. I was way off. A late game surge by Oregon helped me save some face for the week. At one point it looked like they might lose that game. I might have a tough week this week. I really want to pick Purdue at Northwestern, but I know that the chance of a win is slim. We will see what I come up with when my preview comes out tomorrow.


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