Final Sox Game of the Year in Pictures

Before the game the players signed autographs for the fans. I really liked this one of A.J. and one of his little fans.Here is A.J. making solid contact during the game. The crowd was really on both A.J. and Paulie to do well. Alejandro De Aza steals a base easily during the game. I was really impressed with his speed when I saw the Knights play in Indy during the season. He really made this steal look easy. He just needs to get on base to be able to steal though.Alexei popping one up. I normally don’t post pictures of players I like doing badly, but I really liked the picture.I am sure that the kids really didn’t make this sign, but I liked it anyway. I will start a piggy bank if that helps bring Paulie back. Shortly after I took a picture of that sign Paulie ripped a ball for another hit on the day. The crowd went crazy when he took off on the pitch while on first. The hit and run worked perfectly though and he ended up on third. I would have liked to see the steal of second more though.Paulie tipping his hat to the crowd as he left the game. The fans know what they have had in Paulie, and they let him know it. He’s coming back…right?Chris Sale bringing the heat to close out the game. He recorded his second save of the season, and has the vote of Ozzie kid for the closer next season. I think he will be a starter somewhere.Ramon Castro mugging for the camera after the game. He was fun to talk to prior to the game, and he looks like he has fun playing the game. I also like the embrace between Buehrle and Danks right in front of him.Southpaw says it all…or does he. The guy behind him has a much better sign I think. Bring A.J. back. The guy in the Cutler jersey had no idea what was to become of his team that night. Too bad I guess.


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