Somebody Get a Live Chicken

Ever since Robbie Hummel went down awkwardly last spring in Minnesota I have heard the term torn ACL way too much. in spring practice the Purdue football team lost Ralph Bolden who had a good freshman season. Late in the game against Western Illinois the team lost its best offensive player Keith Smith to an ACL tear. Transfer quarterback Robert Marve injured his knee against Ball State, and then completely wrecked it against Toledo. With the top two running backs out to start the season Purdue had to rely on the third and fourth string backs. Then they went and got themselves hurt. The team was pushed into using wide receivers as running backs to take up the slack. Today it was announced that Justin Siller will be out much longer than originally reported with a bum ankle. It just seems likes injuries have become commonplace at Purdue. The two deeps which usually are set in stone are now written on a dry erase board so the coaches can make the necessary changes easier.

What can be done to stop this? Is there a curse? Drew Brees is reportedly nursing a sprained MCL for New Orleans. Kory Sheets tore his Achilles prior to the start of the season. Mike Neal has been hampered by injury. It seems that if you have Purdue near your name you are likely to be hurt. Instead of the normal homecoming festivities I think that someone needs to get a live chicken to break this curse. The star player on the team Ryan Kerrigan has so far dodged the injury bug. With the defense playing like it has been, losing him would be catastrophic. Someone needs to find the source of the curse, and find a way to end it. October break is coming up next weekend so thousands of kids will have nothing better to do. Get to it students. End this curse. If not we will be known as ACLU instead of the Cradle of Quarterbacks.


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