One Last Time

Today I am headed to the Cell to see the White Sox play one more time. This season has seen a lot of firsts for me. When I was at Opening Day way back on April 5th it was the earliest that I have ever seen a Major League game. When the Sox play the same Indians today it will mark the latest that I have ever watched my team play live. In all I have seen the Sox play live nineteen times this season. That is by far the most for me. Seventeen of those times were at the Cell. The other two were my road trips to Detroit and to the North Side of town. I normally see a game between the two Sox teams every season, but I liked the idea of ending the season the way that I started it. The symmetry was too much to pass up. Hopefully they can end the season with as good of a win as they started it.

Today could be a landmark day for the White Sox. Key players may be suiting up for the White Sox for the final time. Kenny Williams makes decisions with the team in mind. He does not let feelings get in the way. The two players that I will really keep an eye on as the off season unfolds will be Paul Konerko and A.J. Pierzynski. They have both become players that I love to watch when I come to the park. I have seen each of them play over fifty times each. They are both free agents this off season, and I will be watching MLB Trade Rumors everyday during the off season to see if their names show up. Many other players may be playing for the last time in the black and white of the Sox. The 2005 Championship team is slowly becoming extinct.

Six months ago when I walked into the Cell for the first time of the season I was filled with hope. Even during the tough early stretch I always thought this team could win. They turned things around and were in it until mid September before bowing out of the race. Regardless of the teams record I have had a great season watching this team. This will probably not be close to the same lineup on the field as the one in April. Lately Sox fans have been getting a glimpse of the future with the callups getting some playing time. It would be great though to see Pauly, A.J., Alexei, Alex, Carlos, and Gordon suit it up one more time this season. For six months we have been able to watch this great game everyday. One of the worst parts of winter is the fact that there is no baseball. It is that absence though that makes the first pitches of spring so sweet.


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