Purdue v. Toledo in Pictures

Maybe the outcome of the game is the reason I was a little slow in posting my ten pictures from the Toledo game. Here they are though for better or worse. I have a series of the Marve injury, but I decided to leave it off of here because it is just too depressing.Here is the Purdue drum at halftime in the end zone. At this point in the game it was the first time anyone from Purdue had been in the end zone.

The opening kickoff of the second half was fumbled by O.J. Ross twice. He ended up picking up the ball though and getting a modest gain. Cortez Smith who has by far been the offensive star of the season makes a nice catch on the Toledo sidelines. Smith has really been about the only exciting part of the Purdue offense so far.

A scramble for a loose football from a Ryan Kerrigan sack. I love how everyone just throws their  body around to get the football. This turnover was almost the key ingredient in a Boiler comeback. They got within three points.

Jason Werner showing some emotion after the Boilers recover the ball in the scramble shown above. I really thought we had a chance here. I was wrong.Carson Wiggs nailing a chip shot to get the Boilers as close as they would be all game. I liked the idea of getting points in that situation, but the kickoff coverage team really set the tone for a Rockets touchdown drive that would seal the Boilers fate.On the way to the fountain the Purdue drum almost has a collision with the Junkie. They were moving at a pretty good clip when this picture was taken.

Purdue Drum Major Cherrie Lemon pumps up the troops at the fountain concert. Can we get her in the locker room before the game against Northwestern? She really seemed to get the band fired up as you can see in the background.

One of the tuba players exits the concert. We took some people to the concert for the first time last week, and they really seemed to enjoy it. It will be a while before we get to see another one though.

A Purdue band member claims a spot after the concert. I am sure that he was giving his family an easy target so they can find him, but if that is not the case he must really like that spot to claim it.


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