Purdue – Ball State Picture Gallery

I have some decent pictures from the past week that didn’t make it into yesterdays recap that I thought I would just post them today. Here are eleven that I thought I were pretty cool.

Above is one of the great things about college football. The band really adds to the gameday experience, and one of the great parts about gameday at Purdue is watching the drum majors take the field. Here drum major Aurie Swartz gets the day kicked off.

Early in the game defensive lineman Kawann Short batted down this pass from Ball State quarterback Keith Wenning. I was pretty excited when I looked after the play, and saw that I had a picture of the swat.

Purdue quarterback Robert Marve running for his life. He probably ran about sixty yards on this play, and never crossed the line of scrimmage. The play ended with an incomplete pass, but he really showed some moves evading tackles to just get the ball off.

The Junkie’s favorite player Dan Dierking did not get much playing time in the game because of bruised ribs. As you can see though he is not an easy man to bring down. How many Cardinal players does it take to bring him down?

Rob Henry came into the game early on as a running back, but was forced back to his position of quarterback by the injury to Marve. Here he is early on showing the country that he has the Heisman pose down. Maybe he can have Reggie Bush’s Heisman since Bush does not want it.

With so many running backs out sophomore Antavian Edison got a few carries at running back. He was very quick to the corner, and looks like he could break one at any time Here he looks for room on a toss play.

Some pictures I like for no real reason. This is one of them. Purdue quarterback Robert Marve is just throwing the ball on the run. For some reason though I liked it enough to include here.

Former Boiler quarterback, and current Colts backup quarterback Curtis Painter was honored during the game for being part of the “Cradle of Quarterbacks.” Many felt the need to boo him, but I always appreciated what he did for the school. His name appears in the record books an awful lot to boo the man. I liked this picture of him waving the Purdue flag during the song ‘Shout.’

True freshman O.J. Ross also got some carries out of the backfield Saturday. Here is one of those carries where he appears to be trying to ride the coattails of one of his lineman to safety. His plan did not work though, and he went down shortly after this picture was taken.

After every Purdue game we watch the band march to the fountain. It is a great show if you have not seen it. Saturday we watched the post game concert at the fountain. I loved this picture of Purdue drum major Cherrie Lemon for a couple of reasons. One is her smile. The other is the fact that she appears to be the lead pin in Purdue band bowling. I don’t know why I think like this, but the picture just has a little symmetry to it.

The final picture of the day is probably my favorite. It is of Purdue Golden Girl MerrieBeth Cox. MerrieBeth is Purdue’s 27th Golden Girl, and the best one I have seen so far. Here she is shown starting a no hand twirl with the audience at the concert looking on. Looking at the picture I would say that somewhere the Junkie is in a couple of pictures. I think that I should always be behind the camera, but I guess they can always photoshop me out of theirs.


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