Dierking Carries the Boilers to the Win

Things have been crazy since the weekend so I have not gotten around to posting the game recap from the Boilers win over the Western Illinois Leathernecks this past weekend. Another reason I probably have not written about the game yet is the fact that the Boilers only beat their 1AA opponent by ten. This does not bode well for the rest of the season.The highlight of the day had to be the performance of Dan Dierking. He ran for 102 yards and 2 touchdowns on the day. It was fun to see him finally getting some yardage. Of course he was also on special teams. He took his place on the kickoff team after one of his scores, and of course he made the tackle. I still think that the Dierking for Heisman shirts should be made.

Another player that has been tearing up Purdue opponents so far this season is Ryan Kerrigan. He seemed to be all over the place last Saturday. If he did not make the tackle he was pressuring the quarterback. Ball State had better figure out a way to stop him this week if they want a shot at the win. Ryan has been held almost every play so far this season in both games. Teams know that they must stop him, but he still gets to the quarterback. He is a great addition to the defensive end tradition that Purdue is growing.

Play of the Game: One play that sticks out in my mind came late in the game with the Boilers needing a score to seal the game. Al Terek McBurse took the handoff and appeared to get tackled after a decent gain. He got up and ran down the field to score a 60 yard touchdown. He never touched the ground. As you can see in the picture above he just rode on the defenders lap during the tackle. He got up off the lap and took off for the score. That got the crowd who was fading quickly back into the game.

The bad news of the day came when Purdue receiver Keith Smith tore up his knee late in the game. Smith was having a good day, and was one of the players showing some enthusiasm. He has been fun to watch as a Boiler, and it is terrible to lose him in such a meaningless game. He was a team leader, and one of the best receivers in the Big Ten. It will be fun to watch who steps up in his place. It is sad that someone has to fill that role this season. It should be next season.

As usual the ‘I Am An American’ speech before the game was awesome. The first time every year it brings chills to my spine. It brought a bigger one on September 11th. The band at halftime really was great. They had a patriotic show that everyone was talking about after the game.


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