Game Preview: Purdue v. Western Illinois

Well this week’s preview might be a little short. Purdue is playing a 1AA school, and should roll them. If they don’t I imagine I will have a long game wrap with a few choice words. I expect to see a whole lot of Dan Dierking and Al Terek McBurse tomorrow on the field. With an advantage on the line, and a coach who wants to run the ball more tomorrow is the perfect day to run. McBurse is having a little trouble coming back from his knee injury, and the confidence he could gain tomorrow is well worth the risk. Western Illinois is nicknamed the Leathernecks, but I think the name is the only thing tough about them.

These games against 1-AA teams really don’t excite me too much. The highlight of the day will be hearing American the Beautiful and I Am An American read before the game. That tradition is one that I always look forward to every year, and tomorrow on 9/11 I imagine it will be a little more charged up. I will have a little more on the effect of 9/11 tomorrow in another post.

Predictions: Last week I picked nine of my ten games correctly. The only game that I got wrong of course was the one that I attended last week. I thought that Purdue would score 41, and they in fact scored 12. Here is how the weeks picks panned out with the actual scores in parenthesis:

#9 Iowa 45 (37)  – Eastern Illinois 3 (7)

#12 Wisconsin 35 (41) – UNLV 21 (21)

#8 Nebraska 45 (49) – Western Kentucky 6 (10)

#19 Penn State 42 (44) – Youngstown State 0 (14)

#21 LSU 21 (30) #18 North Carolina 17 (24)

Michigan State 34 (38) – Western Michigan 17 (14)

Michigan 42 (31) – UConn 13 (10)

Northwestern 23 (23) – Vanderbilt 21 (21)

Missouri 38 (23) – Illinois 13 (13)

Purdue 41 (12) – Notre Dame 35 (23)

I actually did okay last week on most of the games. I even nailed the Northwestern game head on. That just means I will be way off on scores this week. It was a hard week to pick because of the disparity of talent in some of the games, and the big matchups in the others. Here are my picks for this week:

#2 Ohio State 31 – #12 Miami (FL) 20

#1 Alabama – 34 #18 Penn State 20

#9 Iowa 38 – Iowa State 17

#11 Wisconsin 51 – San Jose State 13

Michigan State 38 – Florida Atlantic 17

Northwestern 31 – Illinois State 9

Illinois 24 – Southern Illinois 21

Minnesota 38 – South Dakota 15

#8 Nebraska 42 – Idaho 10

Purdue 51 – Western Illinois 23


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