Hurt So Good

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be at the Sox game against the Yankees. I normally would not have gone, but it was Frank Thomas day so I wanted to be there. I found a ticket late Saturday night on StubHub that was too good to pass up. I didn’t realize how good until I walked down to my seat. I thought I was in row fourteen. I was in row fourteen, but row thirteen was in the United Scout Seat section. I had a great view of the ceremony as you can see. I really liked the backdrop of the above picture. Frank was very emotional during his speech, but it had to be a hard thing to do. I am sure in his mind he could still be playing. I am sure all of this will have sunk in when they unveil his statue next season. If they have him batting his back leg better be off the ground.

One of the highlights of the day was the way they unveiled Frank on the wall. They had Billy Pierce and Carlton Fisk pull back the draping to reveal the new addition. Billy and Carlton are the men who will sit next to Frank on the wall so it was only fitting that they help out. That was a nice touch.

Many great names besides Pudge and Billy showed up yesterday to honor the Big Hurt. Five of the nine men on the wall in left center are in this picture. World Series MVP Jermaine Dye stopped by. Many former Sox players and coaches were in attendance. I have not seen Bobby Thigpen in some time, but even the former hurler made time to honor Frank. These guys all walk past me to get to the field. It was awesome getting a close up view of some of these players that I never got to see up close.

Oh I almost forgot to talk about the game. This was a 2-1 victory by the Yankees that took over 3 1/2 hours to play. The day before was around 3 1/2, but 21 runs were scored. The Yankees really know how to draw out a game. The White Sox had their chances, but just could not get a second run across. Gordon Beckham nearly hit a home run, but had to settle for a hard double. Juan Pierre knocked him in for the only Sox tally. Gavin Floyd pitched a great game only to lose yet again. The Sox really need to get it going if they are going to catch the Twins. The Twinkies only seem to be getting stronger, so I don’t think that they will come back to the Sox. The Sox have to go and get them.

This was a game of attrition. No player got hurt for either side, but a few fans did. I was in section 130. Two people had to be treated in section 129 for injuries from a foul ball. A women literally four seats over from me was hit in the head by a Derek Jeter foul ball. Derek was on the ball, and it came in low and hard. After deflecting off of a guys hands it hit her square on the head. It took many people to run up the stairs to get someone to come and help. She had an icepack before any member of the Sox staff showed up. She was a Yankee fan though so I didn’t feel too bad. She was fine, and actually was laughing about it. Curtis Granderson on the other hand is a lucky man. He really hurt a guy further down the first base line. They had to walk him slowly up the stairs after a lot of treatment. It is hard to say for sure, but live it looked as if the liner hit him square in the face without a flinch from him. You really have to pay attention if you sit down the line. Granderson felt so bad he made the trip down the line during the inning to see if the guy was okay. He really seemed upset about the deal, and I thought it was a nice gesture that he made the trip to see if he was okay. Granderson was actually pretty fun to watch. He interacted with the fans throughout the game, and I really gained a lot of respect for him. He still is a Yankee.

Just in case you have been under a rock and for some reason picked this blog to read upon release of the rock Manny Ramirez will be joining the Sox tomorrow. I imagine attendance for the next home stand will go up now.

I took a large amount of pictures yesterday so I am sure that a few more of them will find there way on here by the end of the week. I just have to take the time to go through them all. Those were great seats though so I had to max out my memory card.


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