Great Seats, Bad Result

I have been busy since since Wednesday night so I have not had a chance to post about the game yet. We had great seats three rows back from the White Sox dugout for the 25th anniversary of my first game on the 25th. I thought that it would be a great night that perhaps Andruw Jones who wears the #25 for the Sox would help make it memorable by hitting a homer, or otherwise helping the Sox win. Sadly he went 0-3, and the Sox lost 4-2. They had a great chance in the ninth to tie up the game with a two out rally, but it was too little too late. Sometimes the outcome of the game can enhance the fun, but it does not determine how I think of the day. We had a great time watching the game from a new perspective.

I loved sitting so close to the White Sox dugout. You could watch the players having fun during the game, and see a bit of the things that you cannot on television. In the picture above you can see third base coach Jeff Cox picking out his date for the night. The people around us must be regulars because they all seemed to be interacting with certain players or coaches. All of them except for one guy who showed up around the eighth inning. He was very drunk, and trying to get Edwin Jackson to sign his hat. When Edwin said that he couldn’t during the game the guy just chucked his hat into the dugout. For some reason security just threw it back to him with a warning. I have seen people get kicked out for much less than that. It must have been a lenient night for security.

Starting the game for the Sox was one of my favorite players of all time Mark Buehrle. He pitched well, but with no run support he did not have a chance. Most of the hits that he gave up on the night were ground balls that were just hit in the right places. It was a rare night as Mark was wearing the home whites instead of his usual choice of the alternate black uniform.

Mark had a blast during one of my favorite parts of the game. He walked in from the bullpen a little bit apart from Don Cooper and A.J. Pierzynski. He was on camera while he was walking in, when he started having too much fun with the cameraman. He kept asking if he had something in his ear and sticking his left ear towards the camera. How many pitchers are this loose before a start? That is part of what makes Buehrle so much fun to watch, and one of my favorite players. Just before the first pitch he seemed to be asking A.J. what the signs were. He put one finger up and said fastball, and then put two fingers up and said curveball. That bit of fun was the only thing that slowed him down Wednesday night.

One of the things that made the seats so great was the fact that you felt as if you were a part of the game. Here you can see Alexei Ramirez with a big swing on the ball. He was wincing because he tweaked something above his knee. He talked to Herm Schneider and Ozzie Guillen before staying in the game. On the very next swing he let go of his bat sending it right at us. Luckily it did not make it over the dugout or we could have been hurting. You really need to pay attention with seats like that, and not do things that distract you from the game. I had a great time at the game keeping score and taking pictures.

I am going to the game tonight against the Yankees, and maybe tomorrow again for Frank Thomas day. I may be way too spoiled now to enjoy any other seats in the house. I used to think skiing in Michigan was fun until the day I first skiied in Colorado. I could not enjoy the hills of Michigan after that. I think I might have the same feelings about sitting anywhere but close at the park now. I may have to try and do this once a year. As you can see in the picture we had a great view of the game. In this particular picture we had a great view of Carlos Quentin popping up.

Finally I noticed that they changed the pictures of the retired players on the outfield wall. The went to more realistic looking images than they had previously. I did notice one screwup though. If you look at the picture above you can see that they left a space between Billy Pierce and Carlton Fisk. Billy used to be under ‘the catch’, but now he has moved. I wonder if this development has anything to do with Frank Thomas day tomorrow? Probably not.


2 thoughts on “Great Seats, Bad Result

  1. That’s the only bad part about sitting in seats that you can’t afford/obtain on a regular basis.

    I got to sit 7 or 8 rows behind the dugout a couple of times late last season at CitiField, and it’s just not quite as much fun to watch the game from the upper deck this year.

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