Somebody Needs to Get Punched in the Mouth

After another tough loss on Sunday the White Sox sit three games back of the Twins heading into the off day tomorrow. They travel to Minnesota on Tuesday for a three game series against the Twins. They will be sending Danks, Floyd, and Buehrle to the mound in what I think is a crucial series. I will never forget in 2003 when Torii Hunter bowled over Josh Paul in the Metrodome, and that seemed to spell the end for the Sox. They just folded after that. The Sox need to roll into the Twin Cities and deliver a message. They either do that, or tickets will be easy to get the rest of the season. It is hard to put a series in mid August as a must win, but I think that this one is. The schedule does not do the Sox any favors the rest of the month so they had better make up their ground when they play the Twins head to head. This could be the week that propels the team into the playoffs. Then again it could be the beginning of the late season call ups. Like I said before, somebody needs to get punched in the mouth.


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