Glen Wins Again on Hockey Night

Last night I was in Gary yet again to watch the Railcats take on the Winnipeg Goldeyes on Hockey Night. They called it Hockey Night, but it might as well have been Blackhawks Night or Denis Savard Night. Their were probably more Blackhawk jerseys in the crowd than Railcats. Savard is shown above signing a baseball for me prior to the game. I have always liked Denis. Going way back to when I first heard of him I thought his name was Denise Savard because of the way they pronounced it on TV. It took me a while to get used to the way they said his name. The S on Savard almost sounded like it belonged on the end of his first name. Anyway I am past that now. Savard was known for his Spin-O-Rama move during his playing days. He is known best in his coaching days for getting four whole games into the 2008-2009 season before getting fired. This baseball will go great next to my Stan Mikita ball that I got signed last season.

Oh yeah there was a baseball game last night. The Railcats wore special uniforms for Hockey Night that resembled hockey jerseys. I was not sure how they were going to pull this off, but they did it well. I never thought that they would put the baseball players in hockey jerseys, but they did. Mike Rohde is shown above warming up with his sweet new jersey on. The Railcats do a great job of having different promotions during the season. They bring out different jerseys and auction them off to the fans. A look through the crowd will show how much the fans love these promotions. I know that they are in the Northern League which is independent, but they do a great job of getting fans into the seats.

Willie Glen won again last night for the Railcats. That makes him 7-0 in his last ten starts. After a short stint away from the Railcats when he tried one last time to catch on with a big league team he is back in Gary. The Indy native has pitched well for them so far this season, and has been a blast to watch.

The Railcats brought the bats on hockey night. Down 1-0 in the bottom of the first Mike Massaro hit his third homer of the season to tie the game up. Mike is shown above hitting his first inning homer. Mike Rohde and Christian Guerrero also knocked in runs to help the ‘Cats win 6-4.

Another reason that I went to the game was to see Randall Simon in a Railcats uniform. Randall is a former Pirate and Cub who was playing earlier in the season for the Rockford RiverHawks. Randall is probably the guy that you don’t want your kids to watch play. After a groundout he barely makes it to the dugout before the next inning starts. He doesn’t warm up with the team, and really seems unhappy to be playing with the Railcats. I got that same feeling earlier in the season when he was playing for the RiverHawks. Maybe he has just been having a bad year. If he was hitting 30 homers I could see the star act working, but he is struggling to hit .200 so maybe it won’t work so well.

By the way here is my new Savard ball that is in the collection:


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