White Sox Get All A’s

Today I used my Sox Pride Club tickets to go to the Sox game against the Athletics. The bleacher seats were free, and they included a patio pass. I was there about a month ago, but it actually is a good time. Normally it costs $41 a person for the two hour pass to get into the patio area. For that though you get all you can eat and drink for two hours. When you consider a beer upstairs is $7 a piece you can really make up some ground quick here.For some reason the A’s took batting practice on family day. Usually that does not happen, but in the patio we had a great view of the activity. Several times a ball bounced right in front of us, but you can’t get it with the fence being tight. Finally two balls rolled right in front of us along the fence. A little girl had been begging for a ball to no avail. Henry Rodriguez grabbed both balls and threw the first one over the fence right into my hands. Of course I could not keep it. I gave it to the little girl who was in front of me. There is no way he was trying to throw it to me. As you can see in the picture above the balls just sit there tantalizingly close to you. But on the other hand you have all the food and beer that you can handle.

Early on I was intrigued by the Gio Gonzalez and Gavin Floyd matchup. Both of these players came to the White Sox together as part of the Freddy Garcia trade. Gonzalez had been traded earlier in the year to the Phillies for Jim Thome. Gonzalez pitched a great game except for one bad inning. If Matt Carson had caught Brett Lillibridge’s line drive with two outs in the 5th no runs would have scored. He did not though, and Gio ended up pitching all eight innings, striking out 11 and giving up those four 5th inning runs. Without one key hit he has a really good day. Both pitchers had a great day though. They were both perfect through four. Gio had his bad fifth, but stuck it out to get a complete game. Gavin left in the 8th, but finally got some runs when he needed them to get the win. If you are a fan of pitching today was a good day to visit the ballpark. Matt Thornton pitched another scoreless outing as he tries to break the record for scoreless outings that J.J. Putz set earlier this season. That record actually ended Thursday while I was at the ballpark. I hope that Matty gets it because I love watching him play, and it would also mean good things for the Sox.

Before the game started the Sox always take a text poll on who the fans think will be the pick to click for the game. Brett Lillibridge had 91% of the vote today. When they announced that I wondered what was wrong with those people. After he cleared the bases in the 5th with his triple I realized that 91% of the people who texted their choice had to be psychic. What their a psychic grand slam group at the park today? Juan Pierre laid down a two out bunt perfectly to score Lillibridge to give the Sox their only four runs today. It doesn’t matter how you get them, but just that you get them. If any of you reading are part of that 91% that voted today leave me some lotto numbers in the comments section would you? I would love to win the lotto.


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