White Sox Sweep the Mariners

Thursday night I went with my co-workers to the Sox game. The Sox had already won the first three of the series with the Mariners, but they always have trouble closing out opponents. They had won 17 of their last 18 games at home and ten in a row at the Cell. I was at the last game before the 18 game streak when they lost to the Tigers, and the other loss against the Cubs. It would be great if the Sox could pull off the sweep.

Freddy Garcia was down 2-0 by the third inning thanks to Ichiro Suzuki. He lead off the first and third innings with doubles and later scored in both innings. He is a one man scoring machine. He also doubled a run in in the 7th before scoring his third run of the game. How can the Hall keep him out when he retires? He has been a force during his time here in America. That combined with his career in Japan should be enough. It will be interesting to see what the writers think of him when the time comes. For now though the league just has to deal with him.

The Sox gave Freddy some breathing room in the third when they scored four runs. They had a scorecard filling inning that gave them a 4-1 lead. Key hits by Pierre and Vizquel brought the runs home. In the fourth Ramon Castro hit the first of his two home runs on the day to give the Sox a little bigger lead. He came up again in the sixth and blasted another one for only the second time in his career. He only has five homers on the season, and he hit two of them on Thursday. He scored three runs on the night, and was the player of the game in my book. As if to add insult to injury both Pauly and Carlos went deep back to back in the seventh. My teams have had some luck lately right after the stretch. That was the fourth straight game that Konerko had hit a home run in. He has stayed hot all season long. Hopefully he can keep it going.

One good thing about having a lead is that Scott Linebrink has a little breathing room to work with. I took the picture above of the scoreboard because the teams had Aardsma and Linebrink in at the same time. That had to be nerve wracking for both sides. Both pitchers threw one inning with Aardsma’s walk being the only batter to reach base. I am not going to get too high right now because of this win though. The Mariners are a bad team. Chone Figgins got picked off twice in the third inning as one example. The Sox screwed the first one up, and Chone felt so bad he gave the Sox a second chance. This time they capitalized. My next Sox game will be Sunday when I see Gio Gonzalez go against his former team. That should be a great time.

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